Second Court of Appeals

Oral Arguments, 2019 
December 17, 2019
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02-19-00082-CVTeodoro Perez v. Dina Renee JohnsonAudio27.5 MB
02-19-00174-CVCity of Mansfield, Texas; and The Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation v. Josh and Kelli Savering; Ronald and Mary Forman; Chattanya Chavda; Pannaben Nancha; Phillip and Lisa Klotz; Paul Arseneau; Allison Blackstein; Jack A. Muhlbeier; and Oliver and Anchulee RitimAudio32.1 MB
02-19-00185-CRJohn Michael Stephens v. The State of TexasAudio20.5 MB
December 11, 2019
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02-19-00257-CV City of Grapevine v. Ludmilla B. Muns, Richard Mueller, Kari Perkins, Kevin Perkins, Pamela Holt, and A-1 Commercial and Residential Services, Inc.Audio33.0 MB
02-19-00330-CVTarrant County, Texas v. Jeffrey D. LernerAudio24.9 MB
December 10, 2019
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02-19-00156-CVArlington Professional Fire Fighters; International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO, Local 1329; David Crow, Shawn Graham, Joseph Markham, Edward Montague, Matthew Throne, and Adrian Rojas v. City of Arlington, Texas; City of Arlington, Texas, City Council; City of Arlington, Texas, Civil Service Commission; Jeff Williams, In His Official Capacity As Mayor of The City Of Arlington; Helen Moise, In Her Official Capacity As A Member of The City Of Arlington, Texas, City Council; et. alAudio33.9 MB
02-19-00351-CVThe City of Fort Worth v. Dianne PoseyAudio26.5 MB
December 3, 2019
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02-19-00043-CVWerner Co. v. J. De ValleeAudio42.1 MB
02-19-00049-CVKeith Morvant, Individually and as Personal Representative and Administrator of the Estate of Johna Morvant, Deceased; and Lynne Frederick v. Dallas Airmotive, Inc. (d/b/a Dallas Airmotive; d/b/a f/k/a Premier Turbines; d/b/a f/k/a International Turbine Service, Inc.); International Governor Services LLCAudio23.7 MB
02-19-00064-CVSimone Barron AND Walid Yammine v. Issam Al Shmaisani and Sharon SmithAudio34.6 MB
02-19-00144-CR 02-19-00145-CRJwan McMahon aka Jwan McMahan v. The State of TexasAudio14.7 MB
02-19-00193-CVUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center a/k/a University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Health Systems v. Robyn WaltonAudio31.6 MB
November 19, 2019
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02-18-00246-CRDaniel Charles Bell v. The State of TexasAudio32.7 MB
02-18-00374-CVFiamma Statler, LP, Fiamma Partners, LLC, and Fiamma Management Group, LLC v. Matthew D. Challis and Jefferies, LLCAudio34.7 MB
02-19-00037-CVPNC Investment Company, LLC v. Fiamma Statler, LP; Fiamma Management Group, LLC, and Frank Zaccanelli, Jr.Audio32.6 MB
02-19-00070-CRKevin Ashley Parnell v. The State of TexasAudio36.4 MB
02-19-00153-CVCharter Communications, Inc. v. Dan Alan LewisAudio33.4 MB
November 6, 2019
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02-19-00235-CVIn the Interest of Y.J., a ChildAudio37.2 MB
October 30, 2019
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02-18-00434-CRRobert F. Hallman v. The State of TexasAudio31.9 MB
October 29, 2019
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02-18-00348-CVNicole Van Dorn Preston as Surviving Spouse and Personal Representative for the Estate of Lt. J. Wesley Van Dorn, USN, Deceased ; Amy Snyder, as Surviving Spouse and Personal Representative for The Estate of Lt. Sean Christopher Snyder, USN, Deceased; Cheyenne Collins, as Surviving Spouse and Personal Representative for The Estate of Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian Andrew Collins, USN, Deceased; and Petty Officer 2nd Class Dylan Morgan Boone, USN v. M1 Support Services, L.P.Audio43.8 MB
02-19-00210-CRRobert Earnest Wilkerson v. The State of TexasAudio18.9 MB
02-19-00220-CVTelsmith, Inc. v. 37 Building Products, Ltd.Audio34.8 MB
02-19-00255-CVIn the Interest of J.P-L., a ChildAudio31.4 MB
October 22, 2019
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02-18-00390-CVKimberly Witt, Deceased, Fe Santisteven, Deceased, Jimmie Santisteven, Sarah Santisteven, Gwynneth Hennis, Garreth Germono, Germaine Germono, Alexandra Witt, Christina Corey, Ellen Pitthast and Benita De Guzman v. Michelin North America, Inc. BF Goodrich, in its Assumed or Common NameAudio36.5 MB
02-18-00431-CRRoland Pompa Garza a/k/a Juan Garcia v. The State of TexasAudio23.5 MB
02-19-00068-CVOak Point Board of Adjustment v. Jeff HouleAudio29.0 MB
02-19-00116-CV 02-19-00188-CVLarry K. Anders v. Leslie Oates, Denise Oates and Oates Enterprises, LLC Larry K. Anders v. Stetson OatesAudio32.0 MB
October 15, 2019
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02-18-00424-CVShirlaine West Properties Limited and Nathan K. Griffin, on behalf of the Estate of Lorraine E. West and on behalf of the Estate of Shirley A. West v. Chesapeake Exploration, L.L.C.; Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.; Jamestown Resources, L.L.C.; and Total E&P USA, Inc.Audio36.9 MB
02-19-00007-CVKay Schwendeman v. BT SFRL1, LLCAudio37.7 MB
02-19-00089-CVRobert S. Johnson v. Jeff Williams, Mayor; The City of Arlington, Texas; Zack Maxwell; and Faith BusseyAudio33.4 MB
02-19-00115-CVGarrison Investment Group LP, Andy Kwon, and Tyler Brown v. Lloyd Jones Capital, LLCAudio34.8 MB
October 1, 2019
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02-19-00052-CRJustin Michael Love v. The State of TexasAudio34.4 MB
02-19-00102-CVSister Initiative, LLC, David Bagwell, and Susan Bagwell v. Broughton Maintenance Association, Inc., Old Grove Maintenance Association, Inc., and Whittier Heights Maintenance Association, Inc.Audio32.8 MB
02-19-00119-CVIn the Matter of D.K., A ChildAudio31.5 MB
September 24, 2019
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02-17-00264-CVEstate of Felipe A. Radelat, DeceasedAudio33.6 MB
02-19-00126-CVKenneth C. Hancock, M.D., Noelle Cloven, M.D., and Texas Oncology, P.A. v. Arthur Rosse, Individually and as Representative of the Estate of Carol Rosse, Jerald Rosse, Individually, Joellyn Mims, Individually, Deanna Chronister, Individually, Brenda Baca, Individually and Bradley Rosse, IndividuallyAudio21.5 MB
September 17, 2019
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02-18-00163-CVAnita Deann Stone v. Eric StoneAudio32.9 MB
02-18-00362-CR 02-18-00363-CRAlexis Botello v. The State of TexasAudio12.3 MB
02-18-00462-CRDontrell Lamond Dock v. The State of TexasAudio26.3 MB
September 11, 2019
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02-19-00117-CVIn the Interest of A.F., W.J., A.J., and J.J., ChildrenAudio35.8 MB
September 10, 2019
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02-18-00138-CRCrystal Mason v. The State of TexasAudio32.6 MB
02-18-00350-CRBrandon Keoni Rickard v. The State of TexasAudio24.9 MB
02-19-00044-CVUlysses Asset Sub I, LLC v. Sinclair Holdings, LLCAudio32.6 MB
02-19-00064-CREx parte Sulia Lawrence BrownAudio31.2 MB
02-19-00069-CVPhuong Nguyen AND E-2 Optics, LLC AND Southwest Networks, Inc. v. Able Communications, Inc.Audio33.5 MB
02-19-00122-CVUATP Management, LLC v. Leap of Faith Adventures, LLCAudio33.8 MB
June 4, 2019
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02-18-00040-CVTamisha Nicole Campbell, Individually and as Guardian and Next Friend of Tamatha Nanette Williams, an Incapacitated Person v. Paul H. Pompa, M.D. and Marcus Lesly Weatherall, M.D.Audio35.2 MB
02-18-00250-CVLennon II Family Limited Partnership v. Gregory Gideo, Southern Underground, LLC, AGL Constructors Joint Venture, Archer Western Contractors, LLC, Granite Construction Company, and The Lane Construction CorporationAudio34.2 MB
April 23, 2019
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02-18-00234-CVIn the Estate of Jennie M. Stokes, DeceasedAudio34.4 MB
02-18-00336-CVSRMOF II 2012-1 Trust, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Not In Its Individual Capacity but Solely as Trustee v. Kevin AlaimoAudio34.1 MB
April 16, 2019
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02-17-00238-CREron Michael Spivey v. The State of TexasAudio28.4 MB
02-18-00065-CRJustin Lee Wall v. The State of TexasAudio26.5 MB
02-18-00356-CVIn the Estate of Wynell N. Klutts, DeceasedAudio37.7 MB
April 9, 2019
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02-17-00449-CVTexas RHH, LLC DBA Renew Home Health; Misty Chaney-Brady; BP Chaney, LLC; and Zera, Inc. v. Maxus Healthcare Partners, LLCAudio37.8 MB
02-18-00192-CRRonald Starkey v. The State of TexasAudio34.5 MB
02-18-00217-CVRichard D. Crawford v. XTO Energy, Inc.Audio36.0 MB
02-18-00392-CVThe Town of Flower Mound, Texas; The Zoning Board of Adjustment for The Town of Flower Mound, Texas; and The Oil & Gas Board of Appeals for The Town of Flower Mound, Texas v. EagleRidge Operating, LLC Audio31.5 MB
02-18-00401-CV , 02-18-00402-CVFriedman & Feiger, LLP v. Robert E. Massey, Individually and as Independent Executor of the Estate of William Earl MasseyAudio34.5 MB
March 19, 2019
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02-14-00412-CRThomas Olivas v. The State of TexasAudio38.9 MB
02-17-00229-CVCLC Roofing, Inc. v. E.G. Helzer & Mark ThompsonAudio35.2 MB
02-18-00142-CVValerie L. McNally now known as Valerie Jenkins and Kelly Alana McNally a/k/a Kelly Alana Wilkins v. Joseph P. McNallyAudio72.6 MB
02-18-00357-CVGriffin Parc Residential Association, Inc. v. John C. KingAudio30.8 MB
February 20, 2019
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02-18-00032-CV423 Colony, Ltd. v. The Independent Executors of the Estate of Peter C. Kern, Dan Flagg, John Cochran, and Ben LipmanAudio35.2 MB
02-18-00112-CVDavid A. Skeels v. Jonathan T. Suder, Michael T. Cooke, and Friedman, Suder & Cooke, P.C.Audio38.9 MB
January 29, 2019
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02-14-00283-CVJerry V. Durant; Jerry Durant, Inc. d/b/a Durant Toyota and d/b/a Jerry Durant Toyota; Jerry Durant Hyundai, LLC; Doyle Maynard; Robert G. Cote, Sr.; Gary Michael Deere; Jerry Rash; and Elliot “Scooter” Michelson v. Andrew AndersonAudio38.1 MB
January 23, 2019
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02-18-00099-CVIn the Matter of M.S., A JuvenileAudio38.2 MB
02-18-00211-CVDavid D. Scott and Mary J. Scott v. Robert G. West, Thyra West, Judith C. Clark, Sallie Clingman, Gregory P. Miller, Gaye Miller, Jonathan Bayles, and Amy BaylesAudio33.7 MB
02-18-00242-CVThe State of Texas v. S.M.Audio28.8 MB
02-18-00271-CVBluestone Natural Resources II, LLC v. Walker Murray Randle, Stetson Massey, Jr.; Jo Ann Randle Massey; Sundance Minerals, LP; Deborah Lou Marshall Scherer; Marshall Scherer Ranch, LP; Sherry E. Marshall Pomykal; Marshall Pomykal Ranch, LP; Ardis Elaine Marshall; Nancy Putteet; Gary M. Putteet; James Calhoun Langdon, Jr.; Sandra Wilson Langdon; Joseph Steadman Landgon; and Karen Rae LangdonAudio32.9 MB
January 15, 2019
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02-18-00102-CVPeterson, Goldman & Villani, Inc. v. Ancor Holdings, LP, Timothy McKibben, Joseph Randall Keene, and Ancor Partners, Inc.Audio37.1 MB
02-18-00106-CVCity of San Francisco, Potential Defendant, Dennis J. Herrera in his official capacity as City Attorney for the City of San Francisco, and Potential Witness, Edward Reiskin in his official capacity as Director of Transportation for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, et al. v. Exxon Mobil CorporationAudio38.1 MB
02-18-00205-CVFort Worth Independent School District v. Joseph PalazzoloAudio33.2 MB
02-18-00301-CVJohn Kawcak v. Antero Resources CorporationAudio37.1 MB
January 8, 2019
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02-17-00358-CRLendon Lee Adams v. The State of TexasAudio24.9 MB
02-17-00371-CR Marvin Rodriguez v. The State of TexasAudio30.8 MB
02-18-00059-CVStephen Dunson v. Shirley Jacobson, Tarrant Appraisal Review Board, and Tarrant Appraisal DistrictAudio50.3 MB
02-18-00112-CRAerron Dowdy v. The State of TexasAudio30.9 MB
02-18-00131-CVCity of Fort Worth v. Shea O’NeillAudio31.0 MB
02-18-00150-CVEx parte R.S.Audio35.5 MB
02-18-00197-CRChase Erick Wheeler v. The State of TexasAudio33.2 MB