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Software Provider Specifications 

The Court Collection Reporting System (CCRS) Software Provider Reporting Requirements documents:

  1. The requirement for court level reports and the ability to separate and combine reports for the same court level.
  2. The data entry screen and the required fields.
  3. The logic flowcharts for the different reported processes.

The Vendor Software Provider Manual – Answers the following questions and more:

  • What cases are included in the OCA Monthly CCRS report?
  • For software purposes, what is the difference between a “regular dismissal” versus a “deferred dismissal?”
  • How is aging calculated?
  • How are fees and fines for deferred dispositions or driver safety course cases recorded?
  • How are dismissals and waivers recorded?

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The How to Apply Collected and Credited Amounts documents examples and the legal citations for allocating dollars collected and credits given towards court costs and fees, and fines.

Our Filing Fees & Court Costs provides a listing of court costs and fees, with historical listings for determining court costs and fees on "old" cases. Current and historical court costs for criminal cases are available by court type (District, County, Justice and Municipal).

Collection Reporting Most Recent Required Updates

Sept. 1, 2013 – Four new fields capturing adjustments in court costs fees and fines for amounts assessed and collected are required to be reported in the monthly collection report. Specifications for Adjustment Fields provides the requirements for the adjustment fields.