Court Reporters Certification

Continuing Education 


To search our list of approved continuing education courses, please go to the online certification and licensing system on our home page.

Court reporters are required to obtain 10 hours of approved continuing education, inclusive of 2.5 hours in ethics, TX rules, or both. Effective 04/12/2018, under section 6.6 (a) of the JBCC Rules, a certified court reporter may carry forward to the next certification period up to 4 hours of continuing education. Special category CE (i.e., ethics/rules) cannot be carried forward.

We accept applications for approval of continuing education from course providers and certified shorthand reporters. A course outline must be submitted with each request for approval as well as copies of the speaker bios. The course outline must contain the following information:

a. Describe course content (i.e., detailed description of each session of the program)
b. Indicate the time allotted to each segment (i.e., the start and end time of each session of the program for in-person courses, or using quarter hour increments for online courses).
c. The date and location of the course
d. Any sessions in Ethics/TX rules must be identified on the outline as well.

When submitting CE applications online, enter data in the "Course Location" field, as follows:
a. just the city, or cities, (for live courses) or
b. the website address (for online courses)
c. skip the City, State and Zip fields.
Entering the location this way helps to ensure it is displayed properly for those searching our system to see what is available in their area(s). 

For Course Type, please only select Seminar, Online, or Other.

Approved courses can be found in our online licensing system located on our home page. A course must be approved before a certified shorthand reporter can claim the hours for renewal purposes.

Under section 6.6 (c) of the JBCC Rules, notwithstanding Rule 4.3, a certified court reporter must submit requests for approval of continuing education no later than 2 months before the date the reporter's certification expires.

Applying for Continuing Education Approval 

To apply for approval of a continuing education course, you must submit a request for CE approval by way of our online certification and licensing system located on our home pagePlease refer to the pdf Guide to Using the Online System on our home page for instructions on the online application process.

Note: If the course is already approved (i.e., it already has a JBCC program number shown on the certificate), you do not have to apply for CE approval.

Applications will be reviewed to determine compliance with Commission's rules. Applicants will be notified of the determination via an automated email through our licensing system.

CE Hours Calculations

Continuing education hours are to be calculated and reported in quarter hour increments.

For example:

.25= 15 min., .50=30 min., .75=45 min., and 1 or 1.0=1 hr.

Continuing Education Rules

Please refer to sections 4.0 and 6.6 of the JBCC Rules for information on continuing education requirements. 


Updated: 10/01/2019