Court Reporters Certification

Continuing Education 

Applying for Continuing Education Approval 

To apply for approval of a continuing education course, you must submit the Continuing Education Approval Form, along with the appropriate documentation. Paperwork must be submitted to the address on the form or via our online licensing and certification system.

Forms are located in the Continuing Education section on the Forms page of our website.

Applications will be reviewed to determine compliance with Commission's rules. Applicants will be notified of the determination via email.

CE Hours Calculations

Continuing education hours are to be calculated and reported in quarter hour increments.

For example:

.25= 15 min., .50=30 min., .75=45 min., and 1 or 1.0=1 hr.

Continuing Education Rules

Please refer to sections 4.0 and 6.6 of the JBCC Rules for information on continuing education requirements. 


Updated: 09/18/2017