Licensed Court Interpreters

Approved Orientation Courses 

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Approved Orientation Programs
Name of Provider Course Title Contact Info Program Location
ACA Productions Inc. JBCC Mandatory Orientation Class 713-882-1654 Houston, TX 
Lone Star College- North Harris English/Spanish Interpreter Program 281-618-5564 Houston, TX
ACA Productions Inc. Introduction to Court Interpreting  713-882-1654  Houston, TX 
TX Assoc. of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (TAJIT) Orientation Workshop  512-333-2939 
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Austin, TX 
Ad Hoc Lingua LLC
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Texas LCI Orientation Course  210-885-8400  San Antonio, TX 
ACCENTO, The Language Co. Licensed Court Interpreter Orientation Course  972-242-4500  Carrollton, TX 
TX Municipal Courts Education Center Pre-Certification Training  512-320-8274  Austin, TX 
MA Billingual Legal Interpreting  Intro. to the Field of Interpreting  210-683-0979  San Antonio, TX 
Interpretrain Court Interpreting 101 917-887-6741 Click Here for Website
University of Texas- Austin UT Austin Legal & Licensed Court Interpreters Program 512-232-9530 
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Austin, TX;
Houston, TX

De La Mora Institute of Interpretation Texas Court Interpreter Orientation 407-677-4155
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ACA Productions, Inc. 40-hour Introduction to Court Interpreting- a Test Preparation Course 713-882-1654
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Masterword Services, Inc. Licensed Court Interpreter Orientation Click Here for Email Click Here for Website
SD Translations, LLC Introduction to Court Interpreting in Texas 281-639-0479
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Updated: 02/11/2021