Process Server Certification

Continuing Education 

Continuing Education

A new continuing education requirement became effective on September 1, 2014. To renew a certification, a process server must have completed 12 hours of approved continuing education.

However, process servers who were certified as of September 1, 2014 do not have to complete CE for their first renewal under the JBCC. For those process servers, the continuing education requirement begins with the process server's next three-year certification period (that is, for the second renewal under the JBCC).

We are accepting applications for approval of continuing education from both course providers and certified process servers. The form is available on the Forms page. A brochure, outline or other document that describes the content and the time devoted to each topic must be submitted with each request for approval. Approved courses will be posted to the website. A course must be approved before a certified process server can claim the hours for renewal purposes.

Section 8.5 of JBCC Rules (Process Server Certification)

(a) To renew certification, a certified process server must establish that all required continuing education has been completed. Rules 4.1-4.3 supplement this rule and establish additional requirements for continuing education.

(b) A certified process server must complete at least 12 hours of approved continuing education during the process server's three-year certification period.

(c) A continuing education activity for a certified process server must be an organized program of learning dealing with matters that are directly related to service of process. A continuing education activity should increase participants' understanding of the Texas judicial system, the responsibilities of a certified process server, and the certified process server's impact on the judicial process and the public.

Please refer to Rules 4.1-4.3 and Rule 8.5 of the JBCC Rules for additional details on this requirement.

Updated: 11/23/2016