Texas Judicial Branch

Pandemic Backlog 

The Office of Court Administration has been performing frequent analyses to evaluate courts' progress on addressing the backlog that built up during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic timeframe for the analysis is from March 2020 to February 2022. This timeframe was chosen given that in March 2022 courts began returning to in-person operations.

Snapshot Summary

The District and County Snapshots provide a monthly summary of the caseload backlog data related to the COVID-19 pandemic for criminal, civil, family, and juvenile courts. The analysis focuses on statewide data and data from the top ten counties with the largest pandemic backlog for each court type. Clearance rates that are increasing and active pending case counts that are decreasing demonstrate statewide progress. At the county level, decreasing percentages of total statewide backlog during the post-COVID timeframe indicate a reduction in pandemic caseload backlog. Because of reporting submission deadlines, the most recent data published will be two months behind from the current month.

Snapshot Document - Data through March 2023

Snapshot Document - Data through February 2023


The District and County Dashboards provide data on caseload backlogs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data is analyzed and posted monthly and addresses statewide clearance rates, the change in the number of active pending cases, and the number of cases added and disposed for each court type. The dashboards act as supplemental materials to the District and County Snapshot document.

Current data on pandemic-related backlogs in District and County Courts can be found below. Appellate Courts, Municipal Courts, and Justice of the Peace Courts are not included in this analysis because they do not have backlogs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

District Dashboard

County Dashboard

For questions about pandemic-related backlogs, please email ReportingSection@txcourts.gov.