Video Conferencing

Collaborative Video Conferencing 

The Texas Office of Court Administration (OCA) oversees and manages a collaborative video conferencing project between the courts presiding over child abuse and neglect cases, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)/Child Protection Services (CPS) and the residential placement facilities under contract to the DFPS, providing services to the children involved in these cases. 

The video conferencing project enables children involved in these court cases to participate in their court hearings without them being physically present in the courtroom.

The OCA hosts and supports the Lifesize video hardware and software required to facilitate video conferencing between courts and residential placement facilities.  Access to and use of the Lifesize video conference system is provided at no cost to the participating courts and placement facilities.

In 2017 the scope of this collaborative project was expanded to include the court appointed special advocate (CASA) program offices in Texas.