Reporting to OCA

Court Closures & Reopenings 

Forms for Reporting Court Closures and Reopenings



The Court Closure and Court Reopening forms may be submitted by email.

Fill in the form using your computer, save it as a PDF document on your computer, and insert it as an attachment to an email to

Questions? Contact OCA's Service Desk at (512) 463-1642.

Reporting Instructions

What Types of Closures are to be Reported

Report only closures due to an emergency or "special circumstances." An emergency includes the following:

  • Hurricane
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Ice or snow storm
  • Bombing

"Special circumstances" include the closure of a courthouse due to repairs.

Do NOT report clerk office closures due to:

  • Holidays

Do NOT report court closures due to:

  • Holidays
  • Judge has a personal emergency
  • Judge is on vacation
  • Judge is on sick leave
  • Judge is attending a conference or continuing education class, etc.

Report Both Closures and Reopenings

To make sure OCA provides clear, accurate information to the public, report which specific courts or clerk offices are closed or reopened and when (both date(s) and time(s)). For example, when reporting a court closure or reopening, it is not sufficient to state:

  1. "County courthouse is closed" or "County courthouse is reopened," as individual judges may decide not to close their courts during an emergency, or close or reopen them on a different schedule than the other judges in the county; or,
  2. "All county courts are closed" or "All county courts are reopened." This is not specific enough, as it can be interpreted to mean all courts in the county (i.e., district courts, constitutional county court, county courts at law, and justice courts) or all county-level courts (constitutional county court and county courts at law). Please be specific.

If reopening information is not reported to our office, we will assume each court and clerk's office was only closed during the time initially reported and will remove the closure information posted on our website.