Texas Judicial Council

Juvenile Justice Committee 


Charge 1: Consider best practices and necessary reforms to the juvenile justice system to improve the adjudication of delinquent conduct cases.

Charge 2: Oversee the study required by HB 1204 regarding the use of the terms child, minor, and juvenile in statute for fine-only offenses and the adjudication of those offenses; recommend any necessary reforms to improve the adjudication of those offenses.


Honorable Valencia Nash, Chair
Senator Brandon Creighton
Honorable Polly Spencer
Honorable Edward Spillane, III
Honorable Vivian Torres
Ms. Ashley Johnson
Mr. Kenneth Saks

Advisory Members

Darlene Byrne, Judge, 126th District Court, Travis Co.
Deborah Fowler, Executive Director, Texas Appleseed
Dr. Stephanie McVea, LPC, Zenith Child and Family Wellness Center
Dr. Terry Smith, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, Dallas Co.
Elizabeth Henneke, Executive Director, Lone Star Justice Alliance
Jill Mata, General Counsel, Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Laura Angelini, General Administrative Counsel, Bexar County Juvenile District Courts
Laura Parker, Senior District Judge, Bexar County
Lauren Rose, Director of Youth Justice Policy, Texans Care for Children
Michele Deitch, Adjunct Professor, LBJ School and UT Law School
Michael Schneider, Judge, 315th District Court, Harris Co.
Michael Turner, Director of State Programs and Services, Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Patricia Cummings, Attorney, Cummings Law
Rhonda Hurley, Judge, 98th District Court, Travis Co.
Riley Shaw, Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant Co. 


August 31, 2017 - 1:00 PM Agenda
May 16, 2018 - 9:00 AM
Next TBD -


Juvenile Justice Committee Report and Recommendations - June 2018