County-Level Courts

Total of Reported Activity

For the Year Ended August 31, 1997

Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile Cases
(100% of Counties Reporting)
  Cases Pending September 1, 1996 737,618  
  Docket Adjustments 4,717  
  Cases Filed and Added During the Year:  
  New Cases Filed 544,424  
  Appeals from Lower Court 34,036  
  Show Cause Motions Filed 3,113  
  Motions to Revoke Probation Filed 61,504  
  Other Cases Added 6,310  
  Total Cases Added During the Year 649,387  
  Cases Disposed of During the Year:  
  Jury Trials ( including Directed Verdicts) 4,060  
  Non Jury Trials (excluding Guilty Pleas or Nolo Contendere) 28,728  
  Guilty Pleas or Nolo Contendere (Criminal, Non Jury) 242,382  
  Placed on Deferred Adjudication 68,950  
  Motions to Revoke Probation Disposed (Criminal and Juvenile only) 45,797  
  Default or Agreed Judgments (Civil only) 29,591  
  Show Cause Motions Disposed (Civil only) 2,455  
  Dismissals 193,924  
  Other Dispositions 42,108  
  Total Dispositions During the Year 657,995  
  Cases Pending August 31, 1997 733,727  
Probate and Mental Health Cases
(100% of Counties Reporting)
  Total Probate Cases Filed During the Year 55,452  
  Hearings Held During the Year 81,641  
  Total Mental Health Cases Filed During the Year 26,434  
  Hearings Held During the Year 32,180