Total of Reported Activity  
For the Year Ended August 31, 1998  

Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile Cases  
(100% of Counties Reporting)  
  Cases Pending September 1, 1997     730,068
    Docket Adjustments     (2,799)
  Cases Filed and Added During the Year:      
    New Cases Filed   568,580  
    Appeals from Lower Court   38,867  
    Show Cause Motions Filed   1,983  
    Motions to Revoke Probation Filed   60,429  
    Other Cases Added   12,834  
      Total Cases Added During the Year   682,693
  Cases Disposed of During the Year:        
    Jury Trials (including Directed Verdicts)   4,520  
    Non Jury Trials (excluding Guilty Pleas or Nolo Contendere)   30,722  
    Guilty Pleas or Nolo Contendere (Criminal, Non Jury)   250,623  
    Placed on Deferred Adjudication   65,975  
    Motions to Revoke Probation Disposed (Criminal and Juvenile only)   44,934  
    Default or Agreed Judgments (Civil only)   28,748  
    Show Cause Motions Disposed (Civil only)   1,959  
    Dismissals   178,636  
    Other Dispositions   44,180  
      Total Dispositions During the Year   650,297
  Cases Pending August 31, 1998       759,665
Probate and Mental Health Cases
(100% of Counties Reporting)  
  Total Probate Cases Filed During the Year     55,185  
  Hearings Held During the Year     76,669  
  Total Mental Health Cases Filed During the Year     26,063  
  Hearings Held During the Year     30,977  

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