Annual Supplemental Compensation
Justices of the Courts of Appeals

Chapter 31 of the Texas Government Code authorizes the counties in each Court of Appeals district to pay each justice of the Court of Appeals for that district a sum not to exceed $15,000 per year for judicial and administrative services rendered. This compensation is in addition to the salary paid by the State. Section 659.012, Government Code, limits the total salary for a justice of a Court of Appeals to a combined sum from state and county sources of $1,000 less than the state salary paid to a justice of the Supreme Court. This same provision limits the chief justices of the Courts of Appeals to receive a combined salary of $500 less than the state salary paid to justices of the Supreme Court. As of September 1, 1998, the annual state salary paid to a justice of the Supreme Court was $113,000.

Various sections of Chapter 32, Government Code, authorize the state salaries of some district court judges to be supplemented from county funds. The General Appropriations Act for fiscal years 1998 - 1999 provides that the combined yearly salary of a judge of a district court may not exceed and amount that is $1,000 less than the combined yearly salary received by justices of Court of Appeals in whose district the district court is located.

The following detailed information regarding supplemental compensation was obtained from affidavits on file with the State Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Justices of the Courts of Appeals

Supplements for the year beginning September 1, 1998
paid by the counties in addition to the basic state salary of
$107,850 for Chief Justices and $107,350 for Justices.

Total Annual
Supplemental Compensation

Court of
1st Houston $4,650 $4,650
2nd Fort Worth 4,650 4,650 
3rd Austin 4,650 4,650
5th Dallas 4,650 4,650
6th Texarkana 4,650 4,650
9th Beaumont 4,650 4,650
10th Waco 4,650 4,650
11th Eastland 4,650 4,650
13th Corpus Christi 4,650 4,650  
14th Houston 4,650 4,650
8th El Paso 4,450   4,450
7th Amarillo 3,703 3,734
4th San Antonio 3,541 3,551
12th Tyler 3,551 3,551
12th Tyler 1,911

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