Public Safety Report System

Originating Agency Numbers (ORI) and TLETS Access 

Currently, the Office of Court Administration is contracted with Automon to design, implement, and support the roll-out of the Public Safety Report System (PSRS) Statewide. The system has been made available at no cost to individuals at the county and municipal levels.

Access to the system will require users to be assigned an ORI number. The ORI number is a federal designation that provides agencies access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and, in Texas, the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC).

Automon will use the ORI to verify that users have the necessary permissions to access criminal history information.

Courts with Originating Agency Numbers

The Texas Department of Public Safety provides a list of all courts in Texas who currently have a designated ORI.

How to Obtain an Originating Agency Number

The Office of Court Administration is not responsible for administering ORI Numbers. If you believe your court needs an ORI number, please review the list above to make sure that your court or jurisdiction doesn’t already have one assigned. If you cannot locate an ORI for your court, please contact the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) following the instructions below:

Courts should submit the following on agency letterhead to

  • Court Name
  • Name of contact person
  • Physical address including the county
  • Court main phone number
  • Type of cases heard by this Court (Please specify whether cases are Criminal or Civil)
  • Email

If you have any questions about the ORI process, please contact TCIC Operations at (512) 424-2088.

Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)

Terminal Agency Coordinator

Both DPS and the Federal Bureau of Investigations require that all agencies with direct access to criminal history information through the PSRS appoint a TAC. The TAC's primary responsibilities include ensuring the jurisdiction is compliant with TCIC and NCIC and CJIS policies, submitting User Request Forms to DPS for new user access, and notifying DPS of any updates to an agency’s address or contact information. The TAC will also have the ability to review all trainings completed by their jurisdiction/ORI to ensure all personnel complies with training, certifications, and testing requirements. Please complete the TAC Admin Form below and submit to DPS notifying of the TAC for your jurisdiction.

Forms and questions related to the TAC can be sent to DPS via email at:

Download the Terminal Agency Coordinator Admin Form


To access criminal history information from TCIC and NCIC, a user must have a Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) User ID by DPS. A TLETS User ID is unique to each user and cannot be shared.

The PSRS will allow access to query criminal history information from TCIC and NCIC through the PSRS; therefore, users who will query for criminal history information must request a TLETS User ID from DPS. Please note that not all users will need to query TCIC/NCIC. You can refer to our Magistration and the PSRS document to decide which users will need to query for criminal history information.

To request a TLETS User ID from DPS, the TAC must submit a New User Request Form. 

For more information on how to request a TLETS ID and a New User Registration Form, contact DPS via email at:

TLETS Trainings and Certifications for New & Existing Users

TLETS Mobile Access Certification

Individuals who can query TCIC and NCIC for criminal history information must complete at least the 8-hour TLETS Mobile Access Certification Course. The required training will ensure users understand the criminal justice system and appropriately handle and disseminate criminal justice information. Users initiating queries for criminal history information from the PSRS must have a unique TLETS ID and complete the 8-hour in-person training. DPS provides the training at no cost. New users have six months to complete the training after being granted initial access and a TLETS User ID. Recertification is completed online and required every two years.

Criminal Justice Practitioner Certification

Individuals who only access hard or electronic copies of TCIC and NCIC responses, and do not query for criminal history information themselves, must obtain and maintain a Criminal Justice Practitioner (CJP) certification. The CJP certification can be obtained after completing a two-hour self-paced online course. Recertification is required after two years. Users who need to query TCIC and NCIC through the PSRS must complete the TLETS Mobile Access Certification Course.

The jurisdiction's TAC must complete a User Request Form to request access to either certification training. This form is password protected as personal information is needed to create an account. For access to the User Request Form, questions about the TLETS access training and certifications, or to verify if previous certifications are still valid, contact DPS via email at:

Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Security Awareness Training

Any PSRS users with access to Criminal Justice Information (CJI) (including TCIC and NCIC) through TLETS must take the CJIS Security Awareness Training. Training shall be taken within six months and biennially thereafter. The training through CJIS Online is web-based and self-paced. CJIS Security Policy 5.9 – Section 5.2 Security Awareness is federally mandated. The training is designed to equip those who are authorized to access CJI with basic tools to protect the data.
Ex: Agencies that receive and view hard or electronic copies of criminal histories or have direct access to inquire into the TLETS system will need CJIS training.

For information on how to access the CJIS Security Awareness Training please email DPS at: or The email must come from the Administrator or TAC.

For more information on CJIS Security Training please visit

For questions regarding the Public Safety Report System, please contact OCA at