CIP Audit

Collection Improvement Program (CIP) Audit 

The CIP Audit department performs audits of mandatory collections programs implemented by cities and counties under the authority granted in the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP), Title 2, Chapter 103, Article 103.0033. The audits consist of tests to determine compliance with the requirements established in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 1, Part 8, Chapter 175, Subchapter A, §175.3.

The CIP Audit department also conducts collection rate reviews, pursuant to CCP, Article 103.0033(f). These projects are performed to assist Data Analysts in assessing the effectiveness of the collection programs over time. 

The CIP Audit department is currently developing audit procedures that will be used for assessing the reliability of data reported to the OCA's Court Collection Reporting System. Plans are being made to pilot a Data Integrity audit during the current fiscal year.

CIP Technical Support

If you have any questions about implementing a Collection Improvement Program, please contact the CIP Technical Support Department.