CIP Audit

2018 Audit Plan 

Annual Audit Plan

The truncated time frame in training and implementation of the new rules by the jurisdictions, the development of the new CIP and Data Verification audit platforms, and CIP Audit's participation in continuance of the Guardianship Compliance Program, a pilot project established in Fiscal Year 2016 to improve the courts' assessment of guardianship compliance reporting were important factors in the number of compliance audits selected in the 2018 audit plan.  Williamson County volunteered to be a new rules pilot test jurisdiction and was added to the Fiscal Year 2018 audit plan, and may replace a selected audit as noted below.

Compliance Engagements Selected as the 2018 Audit Plan


City of Abilene

City of Amarillo

City of Lubbock

Taylor County

* Tom Green County

**Williamson County


* Tom Green County may be replaced by Williamson County if a pilot test is performed.                                     

** Williamson County volunteered to a pilot test of the new rules within the jurisdiction.