Judicial Branch Certification Commission

COVID-19 Information 


Updated: 08/10/2021

For updated information on COVID-19, please refer to the CDC website.

Effective 03/16/2020, the JBCC will be operating on limited in-office staff for the time being. Customers will still be able to reach us by phone at 512-475-4368. For licensing and certification matters, you can also reach our licensing specialists at the department addresses below.

Certification & Registration Departments:

Compliance and Records Departments:

Guardianship Certification and Visitations

Efforts to protect wards and guardians from COVID-19 and its variants can obviously interfere with a guardian’s duty to make regular visits to persons under their guardianship. If a guardian is unable to visit with a person under guardianship, the guardian should attempt to conduct a visit with them through Skype or Zoom or another app that allows visual face-time communication or over the phone. If the ward is not able to communicate, the guardian should obtain a status report from someone on the staff at the facility who has contact with the person under the guardian’s care. Guardians are not required to expose themselves, their wards, staff at assisted living facilities, or others to the virus in order to comply with visitation requirements.

Guardians should document their visits – or attempted visits – and file reports with the court regarding no-visitation measures taken at facilities where persons under the guardian’s care reside. If the guardian receives written communication from the facility, the guardian should file a copy with the guardian’s report to the court and maintain a copy for their records.

JBCC will not take disciplinary action if a guardian is unable to make visits in person due to the virus but the guardian should still make reasonable, good-faith efforts to stay informed about the health and well-being of persons under their guardianship. And the guardian should continue to keep the court informed about the condition of persons for whom the court is responsible.

Process Server Certification

Service of process is essential. For further clarification or additional information, we recommend contacting the county where service is being issued. Should any further orders or direction become available, we will update the information online. Please continue to check this page for any updates regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and our licensees.

Certification and Licensing Examinations

For information on certification and licensing examinations, please refer to the Exam web page for your program (i.e., court reporter certification, licensed court interpreters, and guardianship certification). Updates regarding any cancellations, change in procedures, etc. will be made available on these pages.