Supreme Court

Oral Arguments Audio Recording Archive 

About the Archive

This is an archive of oral argument audio recordings from March, 1979 to February, 2012.

The Supreme Court no longer posts audio recordings to this web site. More recent oral argument audio recordings can be found on the webcasting page provided by the State Bar.

These oral argument audio archive pages include links to the audio file and, in most cases, to the case information.

About the Recordings

The audio quality of these recordings varies and you will notice an audible tape hiss.  Some of the recordings are incomplete—but this is an error in the original recording and we cannot replace this missing portion of the recording.

The recordings are MP3 files. Modern browsers come with MP3 players, but if your browser doesn't have one, and a media player isn't avaliable on your computer or network, you may download a player (see choices below).

To Listen to an Oral Argument

  1. Browse the case listings
  2. Once you locate the case, click the Audio link, to open the MP3 in your browser.

If the MP3 doesn't open in your browser,

  1. Right-click the Audio link, select "Save Target As", and save the file to your computer hard drive or network.
  2. Launch your favorite media player, then open the file you saved.

If a media player isn't avaliable on your computer or network, you can download and install one.

Use Case Search to Search by Style

To search by case style, please use Case Search. Note that not all cases have an oral argument audio file available. Search for "Oral argument" on the case information page. If oral argument for the case is available, there will be a link to a downloadable MP3 file.

Looking for Oral Argument Videos?

Try the Oral Argument Search on the Texas Bar Continuing Legal Education (TexasBarCLE) web site.