8th Administrative Judicial Region

Welcome to the Eighth Administrative Judicial Region 

Fort Worth, Texas

The Honorable David Evans, Presiding Judge

The Honorable David Evans, Presiding Judge of the Eighth Administrative Judicial Region of Texas

The state is divided into nine administrative judicial regions. The office of the Eighth Administrative Judicial Region (8th AJR) is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The 8th AJR was created by the legislature and currently covers 18 counties (listed below).

Presiding Judge David Evans was originally appointed by the Governor in 2012. The duties of the presiding judge include promulgating and implementing regional rules of administration, advising local judges on judicial management, recommending changes to the Supreme Court for the improvement of judicial administration, and acting for local administrative judges in their absence. The presiding judges also have the authority to assign visiting judges to hold court when necessary to dispose of accumulated business in the region.

  • Archer
  • Clay
  • Cooke
  • Denton
  • Eastland
  • Erath
  • Hood
  • Jack
  • Johnson
  • Montague
  • Palo Pinto
  • Parker
  • Somervell
  • Stephens
  • Tarrant
  • Wichita
  • Wise
  • Young
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