Legislative Information

Below is legislative information for recent Legislative Sessions. For information related to older sessions, please contact the Administrative Director.

Texas Judiciary Legislative Update Reports

These reports briefly summarize new legislation impacting the Texas court system, judges, clerks, and other judicial actors. No attempt is made to cover substantive areas of the law in detail; other entities are expected to provide legislative updates on substantive legal topics.

Texas Judicial Council Resolutions

Individual Resolutions for 85th Legislative Session

Consolidation of Civil Filing Fees and Standardization of Service Fees
Filing of Oaths and Statements of Officer for Judicial Appointees
In Support of full State Funding of Criminal Indigent Defense
Ensuring Adequate Court Funding
Jury Wheel Reconstitution Revisions
Modification of Statutes Governing Assessment and Satisfaction of Criminal Court Costs
Repeal of Statutes Requiring Sensitive Data
Supporting Funding for Civil Legal Aid in Texas
Court Security Committee Recommendations (Report)
Criminal Justice Committee Recommendations (Report)
Elders Committee Recommendations (Report)
Judicial Compensation Commission Recommendations 
Mental Health Committee Recommendations (Report)
Recommendations of Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission 

Approved Resolutions


84th Legislative Session

FY 2014 Failure to Attend School Data
House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, March 11, 2015

Legislative Appropriations Request Materials
House Appropriations, February 9, 2015

Legislative Appropriations Request Materials
Senate Finance, February 2, 2015

Joint Committee Interim Hearing
Criminal Jurisprudence and County Affairs, September 21, 2016
Pretrial Service & Bonding Practices

House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence, September 14, 2016
Implementation of Expedited Actions Provisions

Senate State Affairs, September 14, 2016
Monitor Requirements for Guardianships

Senate State Affairs, February 18, 2016

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