Collection Improvement Program

Article 103.0033 of the Code of Criminal Procedure requires counties and cities with a population of 100,000 or more to implement a court collection improvement program based on a model developed by the Office of Court Administration (OCA).

OCA’s Collection Improvement Program (CIP) supports cities and counties in the management of their cost, fines, and fees collections programs.  Rules promulgated by the Texas Judicial Council govern local programs operations. 

Amended Rules Effective August 7, 2018

On June 29, 2018 the Judicial Council approved amendments to the rules that govern the operation of local collection improvement programs.  These rules are found in Chapter 175 of the Texas Administrative Code.

The amended rules become effective August 7, 2018.  The amended rules and resources regarding the implementation of the rules are available on the CIP Rules page.

Court Services

Court Services staff is available to assist with the design and implementation of a collection improvement program and to provide ongoing training and technical support. 


The CIP Audit Department performs audits of local collection improvement programs pursuant to Article 103.0033 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.