Tenth Court of Appeals


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Filing Docketing Statements
After completing the form, in order to create a PDF suitable for electronic filing you must use the Print to PDF feature as follows:

Adobe Acrobat Users:

 •  When printing, select “Adobe PDF” as your printer destination; you will be prompted to save the file.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, free software is available to Print to PDF, examples include:

•  CutePDF for PC, when printing select "CutePDF Writer"


(install both the writer and the converter)

•  PDF Writer for MAC, when printing select "PDFWriter"


Docketing Statement - Civil 

Word | PDF

Docketing Statement - Criminal


The following forms are electronic forms that are being tested by the courts of appeal. These forms must be completed on screen and then printed for filing. Please provide the court with your comments about these forms by separate correspondence or when the form has been completed and filed. These forms are not suitable for printing and being completed manually.

Civil  | Criminal