Second Court of Appeals

Redaction/Posting of Documents 

ATTENTION ALL FILERS. Under rule 9.9 p. 10 and rule 9.10 p. 11 of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure, in all documents filed with the court of appeals, including appendices, the filer is responsible for redacting the following information (unless specifically exempted in accordance with those rules): (1) driver's license numbers, (2) passport numbers, (3) social security numbers, (4) tax identification numbers, (5) any other type of government-issued personal identification numbers, (6) bank account numbers, (7) credit card numbers, (8) any other type of financial account numbers, (9) birthdates, (10) home addresses, and (11) the name of any person who was a minor when the underlying suit was filed (if a civil appeal) or who was a minor at the time of the underlying offense (if a criminal appeal). The court also asks that filers redact or use aliases to refer to the names of other parties by whom a minor might be identified, such as family members or foster parents; the name of any person who is the subject of an expunction appeal; and the names of complainants in criminal appeals.

Beginning with most appeals filed on or after September 25, 2014, the court will post briefs and other documents filed by parties, except for docketing statements, to its website. Certain other exceptions will apply. A party may file a motion requesting that, for good cause, the court decline to post briefs and documents in a particular case, or that the court post briefs and documents in a case. Although it is a party's responsibility to redact sensitive data from all briefs and other filings, the court will require a brief or other filing to be amended and resubmitted if it discovers unredacted sensitive data or other information that is protected by law.