Register a Guardianship

We are experiencing an extremely high volume of applications and inquiries since the recent implementation of our new registration program. Turnaround times are longer than usual, due to the high intensity. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

Registration of Guardianships (Effective June 1, 2018)

Effective June 01, 2018, prior to being appointed Guardian, you must:

  • Apply to register online with the JBCC certification, registration & licensing system using the red button below. 
  • After completing and submitting the guardianship registration information to the JBCC, complete the Guardianship Training Module. 
  • All persons applying for appointment as guardian are subject to a criminal history background check by the JBCC. 
  • Attorneys, certified guardians, and corporate fiduciaries are not required to have a criminal history background check conducted or complete the guardianship training module
  • All information contained in the Guardianship Registration is confidential and is not searchable by the public.

If you have any questions, please contact the JBCC at

JBCC Online Instructions & Registration

  1. Select the "Guardians" tab, then select "Guardianship Registration: To Register a Guardianship".
  2. Create a login name and password.
  3. Enter the guardians profile with contact information.
  4. Enter the guardianship information.
  5. You must read, complete, and sign the attestation page prior to submitting your application.
  6. Once you enter the online registration information, complete the online guardianship training. 
    • Use Google Chrome to complete the training.
    • The course will take approximately 1 hour.
    • Currently the training is only available in English. We are working on a Spanish version of the training. 
  7. Provide your training certificate to the court.

User Guide: 

Additional Information:

  • To use our online system, you must be able to get pop-ups. Please ensure your device (i.e., PC, laptop, etc.) are set up accordingly to allow for this.
  • Certified Guardians can enter multiple guardianship registrations using their current online profile. A certified guardian holds a certification issued by the JBCC to act as a guardian for strangers in a professional capacity.  If you do not have a certificate from the JBCC and pay a renewal fee to maintain it, you are not a certified guardian.
  • The Qualification Date is the date stated on your Letters of Guardianship.
  • In the field for Former Names, if you do not have any former names, you must enter "None" in this field.
  • When entering the address for the Ward, you must enter a physical address. 
  • You must report the Liquid Estate Value of the ward. Liquid Estate Value is cash or any other asset that can be easily converted to cash at or near its market value. Publicly-traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds which may be sold at or near its value are liquid assets. A CD or other investment that carries a penalty for early withdrawal is not liquid because it cannot be readily converted to cash at market value. The penalty diminishes the cash obtained for it by the amount of the penalty. 
  • If you start the registration process online, you cannot complete it by mail (i.e., do not apply online, then mail/fax/email your paperwork or supporting documentation). Registrations must be completed entirely online or entirely by mail.
  • Please do not apply both online and by mail. Apply online or by mail (i.e., do not submit your registration online and mail it too).
  • If you see incorrect information on your account/profile and you are unable to correct yourself, please send an email to to request an update by staff.