OCA Employee Reference


CAPPS Q&A is also available for download.

All Employees

  1. Employees can begin entering leave information into CAPPS on May 13, 2015 for all leave taken and earned 5/1/2015 or later.

  2. The URL for the CAPPS system is https://entprtlprd.cpa.texas.gov
    Your user id and temporary password will be provided to you through your courts email account.

  3. After setting up your password, then you should review your "My Profile" information and make any necessary updates. Please be sure to add your emergency contact(s) information to the system.

  4. Employees are responsible for entering all leave time taken and earned and making sure that all the hours reflected on the timesheet are accurate.

  5. Annual leave requests should be submitted prior to being taken. CAPPS allows for submitting leave 90 days in advance of being taken.

  6. This message will not allow you to update anything on the timesheet until this exception has been cleared by the Time and Leave Administrator. Please allow one (1) business day for this exception to be cleared. If it is not cleared after that time, contact Time and Leave Administrator Andrea Smith at 512-463-1633.

  7. Charitable Contributions

    During the annual charitable campaign event, you will complete your pledge form and enter this information in CAPPS with an effective date of 12/1/YYYY. All pledge forms should be turned in to the agency charitable campaign coordinator.

    Direct Deposit

    The CAPPS system only allows one direct deposit set up. Any changes to your direct deposit must be made between the 1st and the 10th of the month to change current direct deposit instructions and receive direct deposit without interruption. If changes are made outside these dates, direct deposit maybe interrupted and a warrant issued on payday. If changes are related to a closed account, please contact Payroll at 512-463-1633.

    Voluntary Deduction

    Employees can send money to a credit union as a voluntary deduction. If an employee had a savings account at a credit union, then this option maybe used to allow them to make deposits to a second account.


    Any changes to your withholding form W-4 must be entered by the 15th of the month to take effect in the current month.

  8. Yes, employees will have access to their monthly payment information in CAPPS for all pay received after 5/2/2015.

  9. EIS will only contain payments made prior to 5/2/2015. On July 15th, the Comptroller's Office will purge the older online statements, leaving only those for the current calendar year plus two prior calendar years — statements from 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    Going forward, statements will be purged in March of each year to ensure that only statements for the current and previous two calendar years are maintained online.

  10. If you have made 2 attempts to login unsuccessfully then select "Forgot Password" and the system will send a temporary password to your OCA email account to allow you to access CAPPS to change your password. If you are still unsuccessful at logging in, then contact the OCA Service Desk at support@txcourts.gov.


  1. The manager is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and approving leave earned or taken that is entered by the employee. Managers can also correct or enter time on behalf of an employee.

  2. All assigned work schedule set ups and changes should go through Human Resources.

  3. Managers should approve time weekly at a minimum. Email notification will occur if leave is not approved 10 days after it is entered. If leave is not approved within 17 days from the request, an email notification will be sent to the next level manager. Please review leave requests on a regular basis.