Process Server Certification


Renewal Requirements

To renew your certification, you must:

  1. Complete the Application for Renewal of Certification, available on the Forms page of our website. If you cannot access the form online, you must submit a written request to the Commission to have it sent to you. Requests may be submitted to (Fax) 512-463-1117, (Email), or to our general correspondence address of PO Box 12066, Austin, TX 78711-2066. Form requests are not accepted by phone.
  2. Pay the renewal fee. Please see the Fees section of this page for information on amounts due, acceptable forms of payment, etc. The appropriate renewal fee must accompany the application to be certified to serve civil process for a three-year period and any timely application, along with a copy of your fingerprinting receipt, (after you've been fingerprinted). 
    If you are notified by JBCC staff that fingerprinting is required, you must submit a copy of your or fingerprinting receipt, once your fingerprinting is complete.
    The JBCC is not automatically notified that your criminal history report information is available; we rely on the fingerprinting receipt, provided by you to alert us to retrieve your report. Your application cannot be processed until the form is received.
  3. Pass a criminal history background check with DPS and the FBI. To complete the criminal history background check you must be fingerprinted by the designated vendor for the State of Texas. The required Texas Fingerprint Service Code Form you will need to complete is located on the Forms page of our website. Please be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions on the form to help ensure you complete the fingerprinting process successfully. 
    IMPORTANT: When making your appointment, you MUST use the Texas Fingerprint Service Code Form for process servers provided on our website, which has the unique service code for process servers.
    Use of any other form will result in the rejection of your application and you must be re-fingerprinted, and repay the fees, using the proper forms.

    The Department of Public Safety has switched from ORI numbers to Service Codes to use when scheduling a fingerprinting appointment for the required background check. You will continue to schedule your appointment with DPS' contracted vendor online or by phone, but will use the new Service Code number. You must still provide the Commission with your receipt showing the date of your appointment, the Service Code number and the name of the program for which you were fingerprinted. The receipt is submitted along with your application.
    New forms are posted in the Forms section. FAST Passes and appointments made using an ORI number will not be accepted after March 31, 2016.

    Refer to section 3.0 of the JBCC Rules for additional details on this requirement.

  4. New continuing education requirement. Renewing process servers must document that they have completed 12 hours of continuing education during the 3-year certification period. However, process servers who were certified as of September 1, 2014 do not have to complete CE for their first renewal under the JBCC. For those process servers, the continuing education requirement begins with the process server's next three-year certification period. (That is, for the second renewal under the JBCC.)

Late Renewals

You may renew your certification after it expires, but you must pay the late renewal fee. You may renew your certification after it expires, but you must pay the late renewal fee.  You may be required to complete continuing education, depending on when your certification expired.  See Frequently Asked Questions, Certification & Renewal.


All fees are non-refundable.

Timely Renewals $225.00
Late Renewals $335.00

Acceptable forms of payment: Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check

Make payable to: The Office of Court Administration


Updated: 11/23/2016