Supreme Court

Administrative Orders 

The Texas Supreme Court posts Administrative Orders to allow ready access by the public and lawyers across the state.

Administrative orders include orders for the publication and adoption of statewide rules; orders approving local rules; appointments to judicial boards, commissions, and task forces; attorney resignation orders; orders transferring appellate cases; judicial appointments to State Bar disciplinary actions; and other administrative orders.

The administrative orders from 1990-2001 were collected and posted to this website through a joint initiative of the Supreme Court of Texas and the Office of Court Administration, made possible through a grant from the Texas Bar Foundation.

Recently Released

Order #TitleReleased
17-9038Appointments to the Texas Judicial Council05/18/2017
17-9045Order Amending Rule 6.1 of the Rules of Judicial Administration05/02/2017
17-9044Approval of Amended Local Rules for the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Court of Appeals District05/02/2017
17-9043Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Frank Anthony Knight III 05/02/2017
17-9042Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Jacques Evan Trevino05/02/2017
17-9041Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Percy L. Isgitt 05/02/2017
17-9037Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Barlow Smith05/02/2017
17-9036Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - John Greuner05/02/2017

Rules Advisories

Administrative Orders by Year