Supreme Court

Order #TitleReleased
19-9033Denial of Request to Transfer Case from the Tenth Court of Appeals05/20/2019
19-9031Appointment to the Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families04/30/2019
19-9030Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - William Alfred Dominguez 04/30/2019
19-9026Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Keith Matthew Gould04/26/2019
19-9027Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Candice Leonard04/26/2019
19-9028Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Marc Villarreal04/26/2019
19-9029Revocation of Probationary Law License - Beyer 04/25/2019
19-9025Denial of Request to Transfer Case from the First Court of Appeals04/03/2019
19-9021Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - James P. Grissom03/28/2019
19-9019Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Patrick Lanier 03/28/2019
19-9023Order Amending Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas03/28/2019
19-9024Approval of Rules Governing the Procedure for Making a Record of Criminal Court Proceedings in County Court at Law No. 2 of Brazos County, Texas by Electronic Recording (Joint Order, Court of Criminal Appeals Misc. Docket No. 19-002)03/28/2019
19-9022Transfer of Cases from Courts of Appeals03/26/2019
19-9020Transfer of Case from the Fourteenth Court of Appeals to the First Court of Appeals03/14/2019
19-9016Order Amending Comment to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct02/26/2019
19-9013Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Jeffrey C. Grass02/26/2019
19-9014Resignation in Lieu of Discipline - Gary W. Inmon 02/26/2019
19-9015Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge - Honorable Carter W. Tarrance02/26/2019
19-9017Order Repealing Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 502.2(B) and Justice Court Civil Case Information Sheet02/26/2019
19-9018Approval of Technology Standards, Version 6.0, set by the Judicial Committee on Information Technology (Joint Order, Court of Criminal Appeals Misc. Docket No. 19-001)02/26/2019
19-9011Public Member Appointment to the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas01/22/2019
19-9012Appointment to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct01/22/2019
19-9010Transfer of Case from the Seventh Court of Appeals to the Fourteenth Court of Appeals01/22/2019
19-9009Appointments to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission Advisory Boards01/16/2019
19-9008Appointments to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission01/16/2019
19-9007Approval of Election to be a Senior Judge - Honorable Faith Johnson01/16/2019
19-9006Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Richard Jefferson Lott, Jr.01/11/2019
19-9005Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Jacques L. De La Mota01/11/2019
19-9004Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action -Charles W. Medlin01/11/2019
19-9003Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Olugboyega Rotimi Areola01/11/2019
19-9002Judicial Appointment for Disciplinary Action - Samuel Adjei Sarfo (201801418, 201802469)01/11/2019
19-9001Appointments to the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation01/03/2019