Second Court of Appeals

January 15, 2013
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02-11-510-CV Hitesh B. Yagnik, M.D. v. Marcus Hernandez and Diane Hernandez 30.8 MB Audio

January 16, 2013
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02-12-049-CV MeMc 1, LLC v. The Town of Double Oak, Charlie Wright, and Charlotte Allen 21.9 MB Audio

January 23, 2013
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02-12-328-CV Laron Meadows v. Tarrant County Hospital District d/b/a JPS Health Network 33.6 MB Audio

January 29, 2013
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02-11-479-CV Michael Prieto v. Bell Aerospace Services, Inc., Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. and Textron, Inc.  33.8 MB Audio
02-12-309-CV Waterway Ranch, LLC v. City of Annetta, Texas 38.7 MB Audio

February 19, 2013
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02-12-204-CV BNSF Railway Company v. Stacy Wipff 36.5 MB Audio
02-12-351-CV Capitol Wireless, LP & Eyesight Management, LLC v. XTO Energy 35.6 MB Audio

February 26, 2013
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02-12-425-CV University of Texas at Arlington v. Sandra Williams and Steve Williams 46.9 MB Audio
02-12-361-CR Diannia Shirlene Overstreet v. The State of Texas 27.4 MB Audio

March 13, 2013
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02-12-147-CR Andrew Stephen Perez v. The State of Texas 41.7 MB Audio

March 19, 2013
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02-12-150-CV Thos. S. Byrne, Ltd. V. Seal Craft Corporation and The Gray Insurance Company 37.9 MB Audio
02-12-334-CV Transport Care Services Corporation; Robert W. Hogan; and Julia Hogan v. Scott Shaw 33.9 MB Audio

April 02, 2013
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02-12-396-CV Big Rock Investors Association v. Big Rock Petroleum, Inc. and J.A. McEntire, III 35.6 MB Audio
02-12-099-CR Renard Tilford Tucker v. The State of Texas 28.1 MB Audio

April 16, 2013
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02-13-037-CR Ex Parte Jacob Ryan Evans 31.5 MB Audio
02-12-428-CV Jinhui Chen v. Jodi Johnson and Joseph Johnson 31.9 MB Audio

April 23 2013
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02-12-182-CV Crosstex North Texas Pipeline, L.P. v. Andrew Gardiner and Shannon Gardiner 35.1 MB Audio
02-12-337-CV Liberty Bank, F.S.B. v. Andrew B. Etter d/b/a Andrew B. Etter Law Offices 28.7 MB Audio
02-12-358-CV Violeta Paskauskiene v. Texas Workforce Commission & Microconsult Inc 32.1 MB Audio
02-12-441-CV Charles Noteboom, Judith Noteboom, and Lindsey Noteboom v. Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company 31.0 MB Audio
02-12-464-CV Bobby Duncan v. First Texas Homes and First Texas Homes, Inc. 35.9 MB Audio
02-12-476-CV Mark B Harrison v. BNSF Railway Company 34.8 MB Audio

May 14 2013
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02-12-00510-CV In the Interest of A.E.A., A Childr 31.0 MB Audio
02-13-00047-CV BBVA Compass Investment Solutions, Inc.; Pershing, LLC; Doris G. Silva; Karen L. McRoberts; Mario Ramos; and David S. Neel, Jr. v. Edward Brooks and Geneva 39.8 MB Audio
02-12-00332-CV Jessica Jackson Hill v. Steven Hill 37.5 MB Audio
02-12-00470-CV City of Carrollton v. Fred Loya Insurance Co. 32.8 MB Audio
02-13-00006-CV Fort Worth Independent School District v. Joseph Palazzalo 38.5 MB Audio

May 21 2013
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02-12-00468-CV Michael Miller d/b/a All Economy Foreign & Dismantling; and ABC Late Model Truck & Auto Parts, Inc. v. Recovery Systems, Inc. d/b/a Pro Tow Wrecker Service, H&W Risk Management Inc.; and Robert West 42.0 MB Audio
02-11-00311-CR Fred Earl Ingerson, III v. The State of Texas 61.4 MB Audio

May 22 2013
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02-12-064-CV Quik Trip Corporation v. Glenn Goodwin, Individually And On Behalf Of The Estate Of Melanie Therese Goodwin, And Peggy Goodwin, Individually And On Behalf Of The Estate Of Melanie Therese Goodwin 35.2 MB Audio
02-12-175-CV Mote Resources, Inc. and John Phillip Mote v. Charles T. Gardner and Janice Marie Gardner 36.4 MB Audio

May 28 2013
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02-12-00333-CV Emmett Rogers v. Robert Orr and Walkcon, Ltd 35.4 MB Audio

May 29 2013
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02-12-00095-CR Douglas Lynn Kirk v. The State of Texas 63.0 MB Audio

June 4, 2013
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02-12-00452-CV Cheryl M. Surber and Johnson Property Investments, Inc. v. W. Jordan Woy and Jay F. Lombardo 32.4 MB Audio

June 5, 2013
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02-12-00285-CR Jerry P. Lundgren v. The State of Texas 31.3 MB Audio

June 11, 2013
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02-12-00519-CV Randoll Mill Pharmacy, KVG Enterprises, Inc., Gary G. Daley, John Wayne Bailey, James Robert Forsythe, Kevin Lynn Heide, Julie Knowlton Lubbert and Cara Morrell v. Stacey Miller and Randy Miller 32.5 MB Audio

September 10, 2013
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02-12-00362-CV Ronald B. “Bud” Forman, et al. v. Class Century Homes, Ltd. 37.3 MB Audio
02-12-00426-CV Professional Association of Golf Officials v. Phillips Campbell, et al.     33.8 MB Audio
02-12-00507-CV Columbia Medical Center of Denton Subsidiary, L.P. d/b/a Denton Regional Medical Center v. DFW Super Group II, L.L.C 35.5 MB Audio
02-12-00369-CV Peggy M. Blackburn v. Gilden B. Blackburn 35 MB Audio

September 17, 2013
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02-12-00411-CV Kenneth P. Gross and Betsy L. Gross v. WB Texas Resort Communities, L.P. 30.1 MB Audio
02-12-00486-CV Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, et al. v. William Austen Biggers, et al.    
— consolidated with: 02-12-00480-CV
33.9 MB Audio
02-12-00162-CR Roberto Sanchez v. State 14.1 MB Audio
02-12-00475-CV TeleResource Corporation v. Accor North America, Inc. 41.5 MB Audio
02-12-00500-CV Jeramie Eitel, v. John Horobec 2.3 MB Audio
02-12-00523-CV Jerline Smith v. Carter BloodCare 31.1 MB Audio

September 24, 2013
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02-13-00029-CV Brenda Lund, in her individual capacity, and Kristin Alrick, in her individual capacity v. Eric and Ruth Giauque, Individually and as Next Friend of H.G., N.G., M.G., C.G., and B.G., minor children 34.7 MB Audio
02-13-00026-CV Fast Investments, LLC v. Prosper Bank and Tetra Tech-CMI, Inc. 41.5 MB Audio

September 25, 2013
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02-12-00202-CV Carol Ann Gibbons and Virginia Floyd v. Luby's Inc., Luby's Management, Inc., Luby's Restaurants Limited Partnership 31.5 MB Audio

October 01, 2013
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02-13-00037-CV Frontier Communications Northwest, Inc. v. D.R. Horton, Inc.; D.R. Horton Los Angeles Holding Company, Inc.; Western Pacific Housing, Inc.; SSHI, LLC; And D.R. Horton, Inc. - Portland 35.4 MB Audio
02-12-00096-CR James Michael Tesi v. The State of Texas 31.5 MB Audio
02-12-00335-CR Anthony Gordon Momentoff v. The State of Texas 32.1 MB Audio
02-12-00417-CV U.S. Capital Investments, LLC and Massood Daneshpajooh v. Shawn Shahbazi, Shell on Western, Inc. and Royal West Investment LLC, Series E 36.4 MB Audio
02-13-00138-CV City of Arlington, TX v. Texas Oil & Gas Association and Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association 34 MB Audio

October 2, 2013
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02-13-00064-CV Jonathan Aflatouni, a/k/a John Aflatouni v. Mark Anthony Montoya and Enid Montoya 24.5 MB Audio

October 16, 2013
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02-13-00142-CV Denar Restaurants, LLC v. Carole King 35 MB Audio
02-13-00167-CV Tranter, Inc. v. James A. Liss and Paul Mueller Company 36.5. MB Audio
02-13-00063-CV Weatherford Texas Hospital Company, L.L.C. d/b/a Weatherford Regional Medical Center v. Katherine F. Smart 28.9 MB Audio
02-13-00166-CV Foundation Assessment, Inc., d/b/a Engineering Design & Assessment, and Suraj K. Choudhury 34 MB Audio
02-12-00405-CR William Adrian Roberts v. The State of Texas
— consolidated with: 02-13-00406-CR
42 MB Audio

October 22, 2013
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02-13-00146-CV Thomas A. Wilder, District Clerk v. Odell Campbell, Thomas Ray Robertson, Shawnta Renea Coleman, Scott Wiernik, Tairhonda Mcafee, Marybeth Lynn Jewell, and Diana J. Najera 41.0 MB Audio
02-13-00082-CV The State of Texas v. N.R.J. 34.6 MB Audio

October 29, 2013
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02-13-00066-CV Aida Haji, Individually & as Representative of the Estate of Behnam William Arabu,
Deceased, and as Next Friend of Alexander Behnam William, a
Minor v. Valentine Enterprises, Inc.; Valentine Delivery Services, LLC; and Darrell Valentine
30.2 MB Audio
02-12-00406-CV Anthony Dewight Heard v. Kristi Dawn Heard 15.7 MB Audio
02-13-00160-CV Sylvia Marie Oritiz v. Plano Independent School District 24.6 MB Audio
02-13-00025-CV Texas Department of Public Safety v. Stephanie Wyn Randolph 36.4 MB Audio
02-13-00093-CV John Kyle Kramer v. Weir SPM 26.0 MB Audio
02-12-00483-CV Concerned Owners Of Thistle Hill Estates Phase 1, LLC v. Ryan Road Management, LLC; Ryan Road Partners, LTD; and Debra Johnson-Stafford 30.7 MB Audio
02-13-00075-CR Roy Anthony Francis v. The State of Texas 39.1 MB Audio

November 5, 2013
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02-12-00381-CV Dalworth Restoration, Inc. v. Mrs. Angie Rife-Marshall 36.5 MB Audio
02-13-00171-CV Ross Mandel and Lea Mandel v. Lewisville Independent School District; County of Denton, Texas; and City of Plano 34.9 MB Audio
02-12-00480-CR Kevin Roy Beckstrand a/k/a Kevin Ray Beckstrand v. The State of Texas 26.2 MB Audio
02-13-00182-CV Parker County Appraisal District v. James D. Francis 26.8 MB Audio
02-13-00227-CV The State of Texas and Greg Abbott, in his Official Capacity as Attorney General of The State of Texas v. Valerie Saxion, Inc. and Valerie Saxion, Individually 29.2 MB Audio
02-13-00260-CV DFW International Airport Board v. Ysenia Boykin 29.4 MB Audio
02-12-00194-CR Damian Lamon Murkledove v. The State of Texas 29.9 MB Audio

November 26, 2013
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02-13-00272-CV City of Willow Park, Texas v. E.S.& C.M., Inc. 35.9 MB Audio
02-13-00161-CV Rolling Plains Management Corporation of Baylor, Cottle, Foard, Hardeman and Wilbarger Counties d/b/a Sharp Lines Rural Public Transportation v. Patricia Hobbs, Administratrix of the Estate of Patty Blackburn, Deceased 33.3 MB Audio
02-13-00184-CR Kevin Roy Beckstrand a/k/a Kevin Ray Beckstrand v. The State of Texas 31.5 MB Audio

December 3, 2013
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-13-00105-CV Richard Clifford v. Shari McCall-Gruesen, as Trustee of the Gruesen Family Trust 34.8 MB Audio
02-12-00518-CV Cowboys Concert Hall-Arlington v. Bruce Jones 34.9 MB Audio

December 10, 2013
Case No.StyleFile SizeListen
02-12-00517-CV Dallas Area Rapid Transit ("DART") and Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The "T") V. Agent Systems, Inc. 35.1 MB Audio
02-13-00141-CV Cresson SWD Services, L.P. and DJ Pulling, P.C. v. Basic Energy Services, L.P. 46.0 MB Audio
02-12-00512-CV Heat Shrink Innovations, LLC; Kevin Wolfe; and Deborah Wolfe v. Medical Extrusion Technologies-Texas, Inc., a Texas Corporation 61.3 MB Audio