Second Court of Appeals

Oral Arguments, 2017 
November 15, 2017
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02-16-00489-CVBell Helicopter Textron, Inc. v. Brian BurnettAudio33.0 MB
02-17-00220-CVIn the Interest of G.V., III and G.V., ChildrenAudio23.8 MB
November 14, 2017
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02-16-00209-CRDonald Ray Wells v. The State of TexasAudio30.7 MB
November 7, 2017
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02-16-00411-CRSteven Dale McCain v. The State of TexasAudio21.4 MB
02-17-00154-CVJorge Camarillo v. Cabinets by Michael, Inc. and Michael WellsAudio29.1 MB
02-17-00211-CVCity of Westworth Village, Texas v. City of White Settlement, TexasAudio32.2 MB
October 24, 2017
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02-17-00109-CVChildress Engineering Services, Inc. v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, as Suborgee to Meritage Homes of Texas, L.L.C.Audio28.6 MB
October 17, 2017
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02-16-00285-CRBeth M. Branum v. The State of TexasAudio30.5 MB
02-17-00110-CRThe State of Texas v. Stephanie FlemmonsAudio35.6 MB
October 10, 2017
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02-17-00009-CVBedford Internet Office Space, LLC. V. Texas Insurance Group, Inc.Audio28.5 MB
02-17-00042-CVTarrant Appraisal District v. Tarrant Regional Water District, a Water Control and Improvement DistrictAudio33.8 MB
September 26, 2017
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02-16-00401-CVIn the Interest of S.R., A ChildAudio31.7 MB
02-16-00410-CRNorvell Norman v. The State of TexasAudio22.3 MB
02-17-00128-CVCook Children's Health Care System and S.W. & J.W. Individually and on Behalf of Their Minor Child, J.W. v. Nocona General HospitalAudio30.2 MB
September 19, 2017
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02-16-00365-CV Ex parte L.C.Audio33.4 MB
02-16-00416-CRVenkata Sanivarapu v. The State of TexasAudio19.6 MB
02-16-00422-CRJohn Frances McNamara v. The State of TexasAudio23.1 MB
02-16-00434-CRThe State of Texas v. Nathan A. MarksAudio21.4 MB
02-16-00435-CVGeoffrey Ali Jahan Tigh v. De Lage Landen Financial ServicesAudio29.9 MB
02-17-00080-CVThe City of The Colony, Texas v. Mark and Kim RyghAudio32.1 MB
September 12, 2017
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02-16-00299-CREdward Ray Taylor, Jr. v. The State of TexasAudio24.7 MB
02-16-00332-CRMichael Louisville v. The State of TexasAudio18.0 MB
02-16-00412-CVMichael B. Webb v. Alpha & Omega Services, Inc. and Frank P. KellerAudio35.3 MB
02-17-00013-CV 02-17-00014-CVTexas Juvenile Justice Department f/k/a Texas Youth Commission v. PHI, INC.Audio25.9 MB
June 20, 2017
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02-16-00176-CRDemico Stanley v. The State of TexasAudio29.3 MB
02-16-00353-CVGuardianship of Yung Lo Yang, DeceasedAudio34.1 MB
02-16-00397-CVNSL Property Holdings, LLC v. Nationstar Mortgage, LLCAudio34.0 MB
02-16-00400-CREzekiel Cox v. The State of TexasAudio26.2 MB
June 13, 2017
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02-16-00144-CVThe State of Texas v. Speedway Grapevine I, LLC, A Texas Limited Liability Company, and First Commercial Bank, N.A.Audio33.2 MB
02-16-00151-CREli Madison, III v. The State of TexasAudio28.6 MB
02-16-00173-CVEmerson Electric Co., d/b/a Fusite, and Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. v. Clarence Johnson and United States Liability Insurance CompanyAudio33.2 MB
02-16-00213-CVJulia Teresa Heckert v. Clyde L. Heckert, Jr.Audio30.2 MB
May 23, 2017
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02-16-00449-CVTracy Jo Mullins v. Matt Robert MullinsAudio25.5 MB
02-16-00474-CVMaria G. Villarreal, L.P.C. v. Julia Fowler, Individually and as Next Friend of Minors S.C., L.C., and E.C.Audio37.3 MB
02-16-00477-CVThomas A. Wilder, District Clerk v. Odell Campbell, Shawnta Renea Coleman, Thomas Ray Robertson, Bettye LaShane Merritt, Diana J. Najera, Scott Wiernik, TaiRhonda McAfee, and Marybeth Lynn JewellAudio33.4 MB
May 16, 2017
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02-16-00433-CVColumbia North Hills Hospital Subsidiary, L.P. d/b/a North Hills Hospital v. Marcelo Gonzales, Individually and o/b/o the Estate of Rebecca Gonzales, Deceased, Jeremiah Gonzales, Marcelo Gonzales Jr., Rose Ann Gonzales, Melissa Gonzales, Michelle Gonzales, Dave Gonzales, David Gonzales, and Mark GonzalesAudio28.4 MB
02-17-00002-CVCity of Arlington v. S.C., T.C., Individually and as Next Friend to B.C., M.S., D.S., and P.S.Audio32.9 MB
April 25, 2017
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02-15-00405-CVCross Timbers Water Supply Corporation, f/k/a Bartonville Water Supply Corporation v. Richard K. Armey; Susan D. Armey; Richard Vera; Krystal Vera; Timothy Landrum and Shawn Landrum, Individually and As Trustees and Beneficiaries of The Landrum Family Trust; James Ball and Shirley Ball; and The Town of BartonvilleAudio46.7 MB
02-16-00184-CRAntonio Peres Nelson a/k/a Antonio Perez Nelson v. The State of TexasAudio22.2 MB
02-16-00216-CVLori Deangelis and Laurie Robinson v. Protective Parents Coalition, Jennifer Olson, Deborah Logsdon, Jayne Peery, Marie Howard, AND Holly CarlessAudio36.4 MB
April 18, 2017
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02-16-00056-CRRobert Marquis Lamar Williams v. The State of TexasAudio5.1 MB
02-16-00157-CVJeffrey A. Severs and Lila Severs AND Robert and Linda Gaudin AND Mira Vista Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Mira Vista Homeowners Association, Inc. AND Jeffrey A. Severs and Lila SeversAudio47.0 MB
02-16-00313-CVAshok B. Patel, Ramesh Patel, Naresh Patel, and Manilal B. Patel v. Roger Pate and Pate Development, Inc.Audio14.0 MB
02-16-00368-CVUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center v. Jessica Jimenez, Jennifer Galo, Catherine Frank, In Their Individual Capacities, and William Tyler II, as Independent Administrator of the Estate of Pamela J. Knight, DeceasedAudio22.6 MB
02-16-00437-CVWilliam T. Garrett and Lanetta M. Garrett v. Georgia Kaye Sympson and Clifford A. Hall, Sr.Audio30.3 MB
April 11, 2017
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02-16-00031-CVLesley Bell, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Sam Bell v. Roy GilfourAudio25.1 MB
02-16-00185-CRVictor Ramires v. The State of TexasAudio27.0 MB
02-16-00248-CVT. C. v. Ahmad Abo KayassAudio23.0 MB
02-16-00311-CVJeffrey D. Busby, Andrea Busby, and Busby Quarter Horse, L.L.C. v. Josh Harvey, DVM, and Outlaw Equine, L.L.C.Audio32.6 MB
02-16-00323-CRDeric Knight v. The State of TexasAudio22.2 MB
02-16-00373-CVJeff Fritts v. Mary Pat McDowell, CMP Family Limited Partnership, and Leslie HaleyAudio29.8 MB
02-16-00380-CVNathan Robinson and Misti Robinson, Individually and as Representatives of all Persons Similarly Situated v. Home Owners Management Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Home of Texas and Warranty Underwriters Insurance CompanyAudio30.0 MB
March 28, 2017
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02-16-00245-CVJon Gower, Individually and as Representative of The Estate of Aaron Ashley Gower v. University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavioral Health of Denton; Universal Health Services, Inc., and Nishendu M. Vasavada, M.D.Audio44.4 MB
02-16-00356-CVCity of Bedford, Texas v. Apartment Association of Tarrant County, Inc.Audio31.9 MB
02-16-00371-CVThe Dallas Morning News, Inc. and Kevin Krause v. Lewis Hall and Richard Hall, Individually and on behalf of RXpress Pharmacies and Xpress CompoundingAudio38.7 MB
02-16-00432-CVRedflex Traffic Systems, Inc. v. James H. WatsonAudio32.0 MB
March 21, 2017
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02-16-00126-CRMichael Chappell v. The State of TexasAudio26.2 MB
02-16-00374-CVKathryn Van Der Linden v. Dr. Nadeem KhanAudio30.8 MB
02-16-00382-CVDoskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc. v. Sang NguyenAudio33.0 MB
February 22, 2017
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02-16-00050-CRStephen Bielicke v. The State of TexasAudio26.5 MB
02-16-00106-CRJoshua James Hill v. The State of TexasAudio36.9 MB
02-16-00132-CVRDJRLW, Inc. v. Bobby Elbert Miller, Jr. dba Miller Construction; and Guy Dankel and Janet DankelAudio31.5 MB
02-16-00294-CVIn the Matter of D.Y.Audio16.9 MB
02-16-00295-CRSteven Maslyk v. The State of TexasAudio21.9 MB
02-16-00330-CVCity of Denton v. Brian Rushing, Calvin Patterson, and Kevin MarshallAudio30.9 MB
February 14, 2017
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02-15-00397-CRMichael Henderson v. The State of TexasAudio28.8 MB
02-16-00094-CR 02-16-00095-CRKenneth Wayne Lovett v. The State of TexasAudio30.6 MB
02-16-00263-CVRainier Southlake DST, a Delaware Statutory Trust; Rainier DST Services, LLC, in its Capacity as signatory Trustee for Rainier Southlake DST, a Delaware Statutory Trust; and Rainier Capital Management, LP v. Woodbury Strategic Partners Fund, LP and Lago Del Sur, LLCAudio26.7 MB
02-16-00275-CVJane Doe v. Columbia North Hills Hospital Subsidiary, L.P., Columbia North Texas Subsidiary GP, LLC, and HCA Health Services of Texas, Inc. .Audio38.5 MB
January 24, 2017
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02-16-00040-CVMiguel Ponce and Chrystal Ponce v. James Diaz, Jr. and Mary DiazAudio27.0 MB
02-16-00095-CVIn the Interest of S.H., a ChildAudio27.5 MB
02-16-00114-CVPeter Schmitz, Sean Pollock, Larry Laduke, and Becky Laduke v. Denton County Cowboy Church and the Town of Ponder, TexasAudio32.4 MB
02-16-00149-CVMargaret Kinsley, Individually and on Behalf of Laddie Francis Kinsley, Deceased v. Cartwright's Ranch House LLC and John Clayton CartwrightAudio34.3 MB
January 18, 2017
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02-16-00455-CVIn re Rico Daniel ReardonAudio33.9 MB
January 10, 2017
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02-15-00398-CRMichael Lorence v. The State of TexasAudio31.7 MB
02-15-00426-CRTina Marie Smith v. StateAudio30.1 MB
02-16-00063-CVDeborah Logsdon v. Mark E. LogsdonAudio25.8 MB
02-16-00156-CVIn the Interest of F.A., A ChildAudio33.6 MB