Guardianship Certification

In addition to the information contained within the pages for this program, please read the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) Rules to be sure you have complete information.

The Guardianship Certification program improves the standards for persons authorized to serve as guardians statewide. For the new Supreme Court approved Guardianship Code of Ethics and Minimum Standards, please click here.

JBCC Online Certification, Registration & Licensing System (New!)

The Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) has a new online certification and licensing system. The new system allows users to:

  • apply and pay for new certifications, registrations, or licenses,
  • renew existing certifications, registrations, or licenses,
  • update contact information,
  • see a list of approved CE courses,
  • check the status of applications,
  • confirm receipt of applications,
  • apply for the CSR exam, and
  • search for individuals or entities that are certified, licensed, or registered with the JBCC.

Additionally, licensees and CE course providers can apply for continuing education approval. The new system became live on September 18, 2017 for all of our certification, registration, and licensing programs.

Course Providers and licensees must have a user profile to use the online system, members of the public do not need a user profile. Current applicants and those currently certified and registered must use the activation code, issued to them by the JBCC, in order to create a profile. Activation codes will only be issued to the contact information currently on file. Activation codes will not be issued by phone. New applicants can create a profile without an activation code.

Tips for Using the Online Certification, Registration & Licensing System

  • When creating your online account/profile, do not use the First Time Applicant process if you have already applied with us or are already certified, licensed, or registered with us. The First Time Applicant process is only for new applicants.

    (Note: those who have already applied with us or are already certified, licensed, or registered with us must use the ‘Existing Certification’ process which requires an activation code. If you have not received your code from us, send an email to to receive your code. For security purposes, codes will not be provided by phone.)

  • Please do not apply both online and by mail. Apply online or by mail (i.e., do not submit your renewal online and mail it too).
  • If you start the application process online, you cannot complete it by mail (i.e., do not apply for renewal online, then mail/fax/email your CE certificates). Applications must be completed entirely online or entirely by mail.
  • If you see incorrect information on your account/profile and you are unable to correct yourself, please send an email to to request an update by staff.
  • Lists of those certified, licensed, and registered with the JBCC, as well as lists of approved continuing education courses can now be accessed through our online system.

Access the JBCC Certification, Registration & Licensing System


Certain individuals who provide guardianship services in Texas must be certified as of September 1, 2007.  Forms, instructions and information on certification,  provisional certification and re-certification are available on this website.  

Important Notices

NEW Certification Numbers for Provisionally Certified Guardians

With the transition to our new online certification and licensing system, many provisionally certified guardians will receive a new number.  You will receive an individual email with your old number and your new number.  Please make note of your new number and be sure to use it on courts documents and any other documents that require you to provide your provisional certification number.

County Clerks Not Required to Obtain Separate Criminal History Record Information for Certified Guardians

Effective 6/19/09 Amendments set forth in Senate Bill 1057 eliminate the need for the county clerk to obtain a separate criminal history report for those individuals described in Government Code 411.1386(a) and Estates Code 1104.402, if the individual described is certified or provisionally certified by the JBCC.  The court may request a copy of the criminal history record information obtained by the JBCC when issuing or renewing the individual's certification.  Courts should use the form provided to request a copy of criminal history record information from the JBCC.

Change of Contact Information or Name

The JBCC rules requires certified and provisionally certified guardians to report any change in home or business contact information and any name change to the Commission.  Please use the contact information form located on the Forms page of our website to report such changes.

Changes to the Minimum Standards for Guardianship Services were adopted by the Guardianship Certification Board at its May 16, 2014 meet

Annual Reporting

Texas Government Code Chapter 155, Texas Estates Code Sections 1104.302-306 and 1104.257-258 [formerly Probate Code Sections 697 and 697A], and Rule 7.3 of the Rules Governing Guardianship Certification impose requirements for county clerks, the Health & Human Services Commission Office of Guardianship (formerly known as DADS Guardianship Program), guardianship programs and private professional guardians to report certain information to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission. In addition, Estates Code Sections 1104.302-306 and 1104.257-258 [formerly Probate Code Sections 697 and 697A] require guardianship programs and private professional guardians to provide certain information to county clerks.

Reporting forms for calendar year 2017 are now available. Reports are due by January 31, 2018. Reminders will be sent the first week in January 2018 Remember, information is to be reported for the entire calendar year, not as a "snapshot" as of the reporting date.

If you have questions about the reporting requirements, please send an email to Michele Henricks at

Information for fiscal year 2017 is provided below for your reference.

County Clerk
Health & Human Services Commission Office of Guardianship (formerly DADS Guardianship)
Guardianship Program
Private Professional Guardian
Other Certified Guardians

Note: Private professional guardians must submit original, signed and notarized reporting forms to the Commission by mail or in person. All others may be submit reporting forms by mail, in person or by e-mail as shown on the forms. E-mail submissions are preferred.

Updated: 01/05/2018