Licensed Court Interpreters


Renewal Requirements

To renew your license, you must:

  1. Submit the Application for Renewal. You must apply for renewal via our online licensing and certification system. To apply online, please go to the online certification and licensing system on our home page
  2. Continuing education requirement. You must obtain a total of 16 hours of CE including 4 hours in Ethics. You can carry forward 8 hours of CE to your next license period. Ethics hours cannot be carried forward.
  3. Submit copies of CE documentation for completed CE programs.
  4. Pass a criminal history background check with DPS and the FBI. Staff will email the required form needed to schedule their fingerprinting appointment to applicants who have not yet been fingerprinted for the JBCC, after we’ve received their applications.
  5. Pay all required fees. Please see the Fees section of this page for information on amounts due, acceptable forms of payment, etc. 

Submit applications at least 30 days before your expiration date to avoid delays in processing your application. We will email a reminder notice to the primary email address on file. After you receive your notice, you will be able to apply online for renewal of your license. 

You are not considered renewed until your application has been processed. Once your paperwork is processed, an automated email will be sent to the address on file. You can track your status via our online system. We strongly recommend that you check your email (including your spam folder) and/or the online system, prior to reporting to work to ensure you are renewed. Providing services without a valid license is a violation of the rules and may result in disciplinary actions. Be advised that staff will notify you via email if there are insufficiencies with your renewal that requires action on your end.

Late Renewals

An individual whose license has been expired for 90 or less may renew for 1½ times the normally required renewal fee. An individual whose license has been expired more than 90 days but less than one year may renew for twice the normally required renewal fee. If your license is not renewed within a year of expiration, you will be required to meet the requirements for a new license, including examination. Exceptions will not be granted and fees will not be waived, refunded, or transferred. Please refer to section 3.2 of the JBCC Rules for more information.

Criminal History

New criminal history reports are required when you apply for renewal.  You do not need to have your fingerprints taken again once you have been fingerprinted for purposes of court interpreter licensure under the JBCC.  Upon receipt of your application and payment, staff will request a new criminal history report and the results will be sent directly to the Commission.  

Please refer to the Certification & Licensure Criminal History FAQ's  page for additional information. 

Refer to section 3.5 of the JBCC Rules for additional details on this requirement.


All fees are non-refundable.

Timely Renewals $200.00
Expired 90 days or less $300.00
Expired 91 days less than 1 year $400.00

Acceptable forms of payment:  Credit Card or Debit Card

Updated: 06/19/2020