Twelfth Court of Appeals

Welcome to the Attorney Portal 

Attorneys practicing before Twelfth Court of Appeals now have access to a record portal that will allow attorneys to download the clerk and reporter’s record from their offices (only PDF files will be available at this time). 

The new Attorney Portal provides secure, online access for appellate attorneys to view case documents not available to the public through the Texas Appellate Management and eFiling System (TAMES) Attorney Portal. While the court provides access to certain documents and opinions filed in cases through its public website, the clerk and reporter’s record have not been available online and this has been a barrier to attorneys practicing before the court. The documents that are available to the attorneys in the case via the Attorney Portal include the clerk’s record, court reporter’s record, and any supplements. The records are available for 60 months from the date the records are filed with the courts. These documents are essential for appellate attorneys to use in preparing their appellate arguments to the court.  The Court would like to remind you that you may have access to sealed, sensitive, and/or protected information and that it’s your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality or protection of this information. Further, by registering to use the Attorney Portal, you agree NOT to post downloaded documents to any public websites.

Sealed records and non-pdf files are not available through the Attorney Portal and separate arrangements will need to be made in order to access electronic exhibits and/or sealed documents. If access is necessary for these document types, please call the court at (903) 593-8471 to inquire (you may be asked to submit a written request).    

Attorneys can now register with their bar member number and a known TAMES email address in order to retrieve Appellate records for cases in which they are listed as an attorney of record. Once you submit your registration, a verification email will be sent to the email address you specified; you must click the included link to log in and activate your account using the same email and password you supplied during registration before you are able to use the Attorney Portal. You can reach the Attorney Portal at (the FAQ addresses frequently asked questions). If you should not be able to register, please call the court to resolve any issues before contacting the Office of Court Administration.

Updated May 22, 2017: The Attorney Portal website URL has changed; you should no longer use "www."