Task Force on Judicial Emergency Preparedness

In an order issued November 19, 2007, the Supreme Court of Texas appointed Task Force to Ensure Judicial Readiness in Times of Emergency (JRITE) to begin design and implementation of an emergency program to prevent or manage disrupted court operations throughout the state in emergencies. In 2008, JRITE developed an Interim Plan which has since been implemented in many counties throughout this State and JRITE was subsequently dissolved.

The Supreme Court of Texas issued an order on March 22, 2016, superseding its November 19, 2007, order, creating the Task Force for Judicial Emergency Preparedness (TFJEP) . 

TFJEP is charged with reviewing the status of the Interim Plan's implementation across this State, and will evaluate the adequacy of the Interim Plan as an ongoing means of ensuring that the Texas judiciary can continue performing its essential functions amid disruptive events. The findings and recommendations are required to be submitted by December 30, 2016.