Public Safety Report System

The Second Called Session of the 87th Legislature (2021), enacted Senate Bill 6 related to procedures for setting the amount of bail, the release of certain defendants on a monetary or personal bond, the duties of certain officers taking bail bonds and of magistrates in criminal cases, and to the reporting of information pertaining to bail bonds. The bill requires OCA to implement a standardized public safety report system for statewide use. The bill also requires OCA to provide access, at no cost, to the system to the appropriate officials in each county and each municipality that perform magistrations. The bill also requires magistrates who set bail to consider the public safety report for a defendant charged with a Class B misdemeanor or higher category of offense. The project consists of developing the statewide Public Safety Report System (PSRS) that meets the requirements of Senate Bill 6, including reporting requirements; implementing the PSRS in all local magistrate offices throughout the State; and training all statewide users in the use of the PSRS. OCA contracted with Automon to develop the PSRS which launched on April 1, 2022

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PSRS Checklist

Questions Reason Additional Information
Does your court/agency/office have an Originating Agency Number (ORI) number?

An ORI number is a federal designation that provides agencies access to the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

ORI and TLETS Access

Do you have/need a Texas law Enforcement Telecommunication System (TLETS) User ID?

*Note: Not all PSRS users will need a TLETS User ID.

Users who will query TCIC/NCIC through the Public Safety Report System (PSRS) to receive criminal history record information (CHRI) or will view CHRI will need a TLETS user ID. ORI and TLETS Access
Has your court/agency/office identified a Local Administrative User (LAU) for the Public Safety Report system? LAUs are responsible for granting access and assigning user rights to all other users in the system. A location can have more than one LAU and an individual can be the LAU for multiple locations. PSRS Info and Resources
Has your court/agency/office identified system End Users for the Public Safety Report System? The system end users’ access will be assigned by the LAU. End users can have access to CHRI or be assigned for data entry purposes only. PSRS Info and Resources
Have you completed your TLETS Mobile Access Certification (8-hour training) through DPS?
*Note: Only users who will be querying got criminal history record information in the PSRS will need this certification.
All users who will be querying TLETS through the PSRS to pull criminal history information on a defendant must have a current TLETS Mobile Access or higher-level certification. Certification is granted by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) after completion of the 8-hr training. New users have a 6-month grace period to complete the 8-hour training from the date they received TLETS access. ORI and TLETS Access
Questions about the TLETS access training and certifications, or to verify if your current certification is still valid, contact DPS via email at:
Have you completed your Criminal Justice Practitioner (CJP) certification?
*Note: These individuals do not need to complete the 8-hour TLETS Mobile Access Certification.
Individuals who will ONLY access hard or electronic copies of CHRI will be required to obtain and maintain this certification. ORI and TLETS Access
Questions about the TLETS access training and certifications, or to verify if your current certification is still valid, contact DPS via email at:
Have you completed PSRS Local Administrative User Registration Form?

An LAU user registration form must be completed to by the designated LAU for your jurisdiction. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for accessing the system.

Recordings of PSRS virtual training are available on this website.

Judicial User Registration Form

Law Enforcement User Registration Form

Magistrate’s Duties Training Judicial officers who perform magistrations after April 1, 2022, will be required to take the 8-hour training course no later than December 1, 2022.
The four judicial education entities (Texas Justice Court Training Center, the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center, the Texas Association of Counties, and the Texas Center for the Judiciary) are finalizing their respective training courses and will soon release a full schedule of when they will be offered, both in-person and online.
Judicial Education
Non-Terminal Agency Agreement (NTAA) If your court/agency/office has a user with a TLETS User ID with access to query for CHRI, a NTAA must be signed.  
Updated: 12/21/2022