Third Court of Appeals


E-Filing by Parties

Effective January 1, 2014, all attorneys in civil and criminal cases are required to eFile all documents (except a document submitted under seal or subject to a motion to seal) with the Court through the electronic filing system. Persons not represented by an attorney may eFile documents, but eFiling is not required. Please read the rules for electronic filing in the appellate courts and in civil cases in the trial courts.

All documents must conform to Rule 9 of the Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure. E-filed briefs must follow the Texas Supreme Court's Redaction Guidelines.

In the Third Court of Appeals, an e-filer is not required to file any paper copies of an e-filed document unless specifically requested by the Court.

An e-filed document must include the e-filer's email address, in addition to any other information required by the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure.

For more information about creating electronic briefs, please read the Guide to Creating Electronic Appellate Briefs 2014 (Adobe Acrobat 8, 9, X) or Guide to Creating Electronic Appellate Briefs 2019 (Adobe Acrobat Pro DC). You can also watch a video that shows step-by-step instructions for using Adobe Acrobat to create an electronic brief.

Paper Filings - If a party not represented by counsel opts not to e-file a document and to file the document in paper form instead, the original document filed with the Court must be in the form provided by Rule 9 of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The document must be unbound and one-sided and contain no hard covers, tabs, or any other item that would impede the scanning of the document. In lieu of tabs, separator pages with the title of the item immediately following should be used. A filer need only file the original document unless specifically requested by the Court.

Filing to an existing case:

If you are trying to add a filing into an existing case, but that case doesn't appear when you search make sure you have entered the complete case number with all the zeroes, dashes, and spaces. For other potential solutions and more detailed information contact your Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).

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