Clerk Information & Instructions

Citation by Publication / Notices Instructions (Court Personnel) 

You can access the Citation by Publication / Notice system by pushing the button here or on the Clerk Information page.

Signing In

  1. Enter your court user email address to sign in. You will receive an email at that address.

    Note: Initial sign in has been designated with prepopulated emails for the District and County Clerks. After initial sign in, clerks can add additional users.
    CBP Clerk 04 CBP Sign In page
  2. Push the Sign In button.

    Note: Once the sign in link has been sent to your email and you use the link, or if it expires, you must enter your email (see step 1) and receive a new link to sign in to the system again.
    CBP Clerk 05 CBP Sign In Link Expiry message
    You will be directed to the OCA Court Tools home page.
    CBP Clerk 06 CBP Welcome page

Adding a New User

  1. Click the account icon Account icon (a generic person icon with a plus sign).
    CBP Clerk 07 CBP Account icon
    This opens the "Manage Court Users" page. Here, you can search for users already in the system and add new users.
    CBP Clerk 09 CBP Add User page
  2. Push the Add User button.
    CBP Clerk 08 CBP Add User button
  3. Complete all form fields.

    Under User Court(s), you may select all courts or specific courts for the user.
    CBP Clerk 10 CBP Add User - User Court(s)
    Check "Manage Citations by Publications" to grant the user access to citations.
    Check "Manage User Rights" to allow the user to add other users.
    CBP Clerk 11 Manage CBP checkbox
    Push the Save button.

Editing a User's Information

  1. Enter the user's first and / or last name in the form.
    CBP Clerk 12a Edit User - Search by Name
  2. Click the Edit link for the user in the results listing.
    CBP Clerk 12b Edit User - Edit Link

Adding a Citation

  1. Select Citation by Publication from the main menu.
    CBP Clerk 13 CBP Welcome page - CBP link
  2. Push the Add Citation button.
    CBP Clerk 14 Add Citation button
    This opens the Add Citation form.
    CBP Clerk 16 Add Citation page
  3. Fill in all required form fields.
    • The system will automatically set Publication Start Date to the current date, and will calculate the Publication End Date based on the selected Citation Type. If there's a need to publish beyond the automatic end date - and depending on the type of Citation / Notice - you can extend that date but cannot submit an earlier one.
      CBP Clerk 15 Citation-Notice Wording to paste
    • Type or Paste the required wording into the Citation / Notice Text field. This is the text that needs to be published to meet Citation / Notice requirements. It is the information that will also be or, prior to the enactment of SB 891, would have been, published in the newspaper. Do not paste signature, seal, or delivery text into the Citation/Notice Text field.
      CBP Clerk 17 Citation-Notice Wording Sample
  4. Push the Save button to submit the form.

Searching for a Citation / Notice

  1. Select Citation by Publication from the main menu.
    CBP Clerk 18 CBP Welcome Page CBP Link
    This opens the Citation by Publication page, where you'll find the search form.CBP Clerk 24 Search for Citation by Publication Form
  2. Enter your search criteria into the appropriate search field. You can search on any field.
    CBP Clerk 19 Search for Citations by User Name
    Citations / Notices are listed from most recently to least recently updated. Each entry is assigned a status.
    CBP Clerk 20 View Citation Statuses
    Citation by Publication / Notice Statuses
    Status Meaning
    Active The posting has been submitted and is still within the publication dates.
    Completed The posting has been published for the duration of the expected time.
    Removed The posting was removed by the court user and will not appear on the public website.
    Return Pending The posting was published for the selected amount of time and OCA is in the process of providing the Return of Service.
  3. Click the View link to review the citation or notice information you entered.
    CBP Clerk 23 Search for CBP View Link

Return of Service Notifications

Once a Citation / Notice has posted for the selected amount of time, i.e. "Return Pending" status, the last user to update the citation / notifice will receive an email with the Return Service Notification.

CBP Clerk 22 Return Service Notification

The Return of Service Notification can also be downloaded by clicking the View link in the Search for Citation by Publication results listing. This applies only to Completed citations / notices

CBP Clerk 21 Download Notice link