District & County Court-Level Reporting

Performance Measures for District & County Courts (HB 2384) 

Reporting Requirements

Section 72.083(b) of the Texas Government Code, added by HB 2384 (88th Legislature, Regular Session), requires the Office of Court Administration to annually collect and publish a report including performance measures for each district court, statutory county court, statutory probate court, and county court. All district, statutory, statutory probate, and county courts will be required to submit annual court level data for the completion of this annual report. 

The report must include:

  1. the court's clearance rate;
  2. the average time a case is before the court from filing to disposition; and
  3. the age of the court's active pending caseload.

The reporting timeframe for this report is defined as September 1st through August 31st. One report will be submitted for each court for the year.

Reports must be submitted on an annual basis to the Data and Research Division by November 1st. The first report will cover data from March 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024. 

Reporting Instructions & Guidance Documents

Reporting Instructions

Probate/Mental Health Guidance

Guidance on Transfers between Courts of the Same Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Please send questions to: judinfo@txcourts.gov.

Report Submission and Templates


Fill out the template that corresponds to the court level being reported. Make sure the Court Identifier and Court Name match the format and text in the Court Identifiers Spreadsheet. Case Management System Vendors and local IT staff should reference the Court Identifiers Spreadsheet if templates are developed in the CMS.

Court Identifiers Spreadsheet

HB 2384 District Courts

HB 2384 Statutory County Courts

HB 2384 Statutory Probate County Courts

HB 2384 Constitutional County Courts

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Please email your reports to: data.division@txcourts.gov