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Juror Information 

Tom C ClarkThank you for taking the time to fulfill one of our most important civic duties - jury service. The Texas Judicial Council and the Office of Court Administration designed this web site to help ensure that both you and other prospective jurors in Texas are well informed about this unique and exciting opportunity to participate in the American judicial system.

Whether you have served on a Texas jury in the past or have been summoned to jury duty for the first time, this web site will provide you with an array of useful information that addresses your concerns about Texas' jury system.

I hope that you find your experience as a Texas juror to be rewarding, educational, and of the highest quality. Your participation is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

The collective conscience of the jury adds a humanistic touch to the strict demands of the law so as to allow a more equitable judgment. The jury system improves the quality of justice and is the sole means of keeping its administration attuned to community standards.

– U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark (1966)