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Multi-District Litigation Panel 

Rule 13 of the Texas Rules of Judicial Administration is effective in all cases filed on or after September 1, 2003. Composed of five Judges, the Multi-District Litigation Panel (MDL Panel) is the judicial panel on multi-district litigation, designated pursuant to section 74.161 of the Texas Government Code, including any temporary members designated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas in his or her discretion when regular members are unable to sit for any reason. The Clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas serves as the Multi-District Litigation Panel Clerk.

Available Multi-District Litigation Cases

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General Filing Requirements

All documents must be electronically filed with the MDL Panel Clerk (Clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas) using the eFileTexas.gov electronic filing system. To use the electronic filing system, you must first choose an electronic filing service provider from eFileTexas, and register. Please choose an electronic filing service provider and register today! Through the eFileTexas.gov system, you can electronically file documents, pay your fees, and serve opposing counsel. The Electronic Filing Rules for the Supreme Court of Texas apply to documents filed with the MDL Panel Clerk. 

Once the document has been accepted, the administrative staff of the MDL Panel will send the stamped eFiled document to the MDL Panel. Do not email the documents to the MDL Panel members. Please note hard copies are no longer required.

Please feel free to contact the Chief Deputy Clerk, Claudia Jenks at claudia.jenks@txcourts.gov, if you have any questions regarding MDL filings.

Sending Documents to the MDL Panel Clerk

Please note the MDL Panel Clerk no longer requires hard copies.

The documents should be addressed to the Honorable Blake A. Hawthorne, Clerk, Multi-District Litigation Panel.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 12248
Austin, TX 78711

Sending Documents to the MDL Panel Members

All accepted documents eFiled with the MDL Panel Clerk will be sent to the MDL Panel by the MDL administrative staff. Do not email the documents to the MDL Panel members. The documents should be addressed to each of the MDL Panel Members below.

Hon. David L. Evans, Chair
Presiding Judge, Eighth Administrative Judicial Region
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building
100 N. Calhoun St., 2nd Floor
Fort Worth, TX  76196-1148

Hon. Sid Harle
Presiding Judge, Fourth Administrative Judicial Region
Bexar County Courthouse
100 Dolorosa, Rm. 4.08
San Antonio, TX  78205

Hon. Leanne Johnson
Justice, Ninth Court of Appeals
1085 Pearl St., Suite 330
Beaumont, TX 77701-3552

Hon. Josh R. Morris, III
Former Chief Justice, Sixth Court of Appeals
100 N. State Line Ave., Ste. 20
Texarkana, TX  75501

Hon. Ken Wise
Justice, Fourteenth Court of Appeals
301 Fannin, Room 245
Houston, TX  77002

Multi-District Litigation Filing Fees

Pursuant to Section 51.005(c), Government Code and Rule 13.3(g), Rules of Judicial Administration, the Court adopted and approved and the Clerk shall collect the following reasonable filing fees. See Misc. Docket No. 15-9158. Fees will be collected through the eFiling service provider.

Multi-District Litigation Filing Fees*
Motion to Transfer
Any other document filed with the Multi-District Litigation Panel
(including responses, replies, motions, or any letters filed)
Motions for Rehearing of an order of a pretrial court

*Unpaid fees will be reported to the MDL Panel for action, as appropriate.

Notice to Trial Court

Pursuant to Rule 13.3(i), Rules of Judicial Administration, a party must file in the trial court that a motion for transfer has been filed. The MDL Panel Clerk must cause such notice to be filed when a request for transfer by a judge has been filed. See Sample Notice to Trial Court of MDL Filing.