Rules Advisory Committee

Court of Criminal Appeals Rules Advisory Committee 

The Court of Criminal Appeals Rules Advisory Committee (the Committee) assists the Court of Criminal Appeals (the Court) in the continuing study, review, amendment, and development of rules of post-trial and appellate procedure applicable to criminal cases, rules of evidence in the trials of criminal cases, electronic filing rules for capital cases, rules affecting criminal justice under consideration by the Texas Supreme Court Advisory Committee, and any other rules affecting the administration of criminal justice in Texas as directed by the Court. The Committee will take into consideration the rules and procedures of other courts in the United States and proposals for changes from varied sources. The Committee may draft proposed rules; solicit, summarize, and report to the Court the views of the Committee members, the bar, and the public on rules and procedures; and make recommendations for change. The Court is not bound by the Committee’s recommendations.

Members of the public wishing to submit rules-related questions or comments for consideration by the Committee and/or Court Staff should email the question/comment to