Process Server Certification

Orientation Education Providers 

  1. Process Server Orientation Course Providers
  2. Additional Orientation Course Providers Accepted
  3. Submit a Process Server Orientation Course for Approval
Process Server Orientation Course Providers
Provider Contact Info Website/Location
Process Servers Network of Texas 512-704-8104
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Contact Provider for Online Location
Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA) 210-332-8773
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Click Here for Website
Loss Prevention of Texas 361-232-4101
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Click Here for Website
Texas School of Legal Support 469-348-8201 Click Here for Website
Learning Shop USA (Online) 706-268-2221 Click Here for Website
Absolute Process Service 772-475-8864
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Dallas, TX and online.
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Texas Process Servers Academy 682-256-2791
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Quinn Education Solutions 830-660-2379
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Various locations in Texas and online.
Contact Provider for Location
ABC Legal 206-521-9000 Click Here for Website
G.N.S.S. Civil Process Server School 469-547-1027 Click Here for Website
Dallas, TX

CODEX Legal Services 512-596-1233
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Austin, TX
Click Here for Website 214-494-1952
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Emerald Shield Academy 956-368-8067
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Additional Orientation Course Providers

A course offered by an academy or other provider licensed or approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

Additional Orientation Course Providers Accepted
Provider Contact Info Website
Eastfield College - Dallas County Community College District 972-860-7200 Click Here for Website
San Antonio College - Law Enforcement Training Academy 210-228-0973 Not Available
Texas State University San Marcos - TX Justice Court Training Center 512-347-9927 or 800-687-8528 Click Here for Website
University of Houston - Downtown Criminal Justice Training Center 713-221-8000 Click Here for Website

Submit a Process Server Orientation Course for Approval

On August 7, 2015, the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) approved the standardized 7-hour pre-certification process service course curriculum. The curriculum was developed and recommended by the Process Server Certification Advisory Board to replace the current individual curriculums. The curriculum is located on the Rules page of our website.

The standardized curriculum is mandatory, replaces any other curriculum in use, and is required to be implemented by November 1, 2015, by all providers. A course certificate from any other course completed on or after November 1, 2015 will not be accepted.

Current course providers have been contacted and advised they must submit a new approval form no later than October 1, 2015 to continue as a JBCC approved course provider. Other providers will also be considered for approval. If you wish to apply for approval as a course provider for the standardized curriculum, please refer to the standardized curriculum on this page. Then you must complete and submit the Pre-Certification Orientation Approval Form, available from the Continuing Education page.

(Note: The civil process service course is a requirement for certification. The JBCC's continuing education requirement is a different requirement; it applies to process servers once they are certified. For information about the continuing education requirement and approval of continuing education courses for process servers, please refer to the Continuing Education page of this website.

The JBCC has also approved the Process Server Certification Advisory Board to begin the development and implementation of a new examination to be given by the JBCC (or vendor). Once the examination is developed, an applicant will take the required examination following the new standardized 7- hour pre-certification course. The JBCC examination will then be a mandatory prerequisite to become certified as a process server. Information will be available here when the implementation date is determined.

Inquiries Regarding Paperwork

Applications are processed as soon as possible, in the order of which they are received. Due to the volume of applications received, processing times can vary; therefore, we are unable to provide more specific timeframes.

Applicants must confirm receipt of their applications, the status of their applications, and their applications progress by referring to the View Pending Online Applications page of their online profiles. From this page, they can verify the following information 24/7:

  1. Confirm receipt of documents uploaded to their application by looking at the number reflect next to the Document(s) link.
    • If it shows (0), the document was not uploaded (i.e., it was not received).
    • If it shows (1), or any number other than 0, the document was uploaded (i.e., it has been received).
  2. Check their applications status.
    • By hovering their mouse over the status, they'll also be able to see descriptive text that explains what the status means.
  3. Check the progress of their applications status by clicking the View Details link.
    • This will show them which items on their application's checklist have been completed, and which are still pending.

Applicants are also sent automated email confirmations of successful application submission, and when applications are approved.

Inquiries for application status checks or receipt confirmation will not be replied to unless determined by staff that there’s been a delay in processing your application, and you have not received prior notification. We receive many of these inquiries and each email takes time to research and respond to which delays the processing of applications. Thank you for your understanding.

Updated: 04/10/2024