Register a Guardianship

Frequently Asked Questions 

Registration Information

  1. No; guardianship registration is free. If you are prompted to pay a fee it means you’ve completed the wrong form. You must go to your View Pending Applications page on your online profile and click the link to Withdraw it. Do not submit payment.

  2. No. Under section 10.2 (a) of the JBCC Rules, registrations must be submitted via our online system. Those who do not have internet access to submit online can contact us to request a form be mailed to them.

  3. Co-guardians must register separately and should indicate there is a co-guardianship by placing a note in the “additional information” section of the registration. Please ensure the information on the protected person is the same in both registrations.

  4. When entering the address for the Ward, you should enter the ward’s physical address. The physical address is where the ward is (currently) physically located.

  5. The application summary only contains the information provided at the time of registration. Any changes made after the registration is submitted will not be reflected on the application summary.

  6. Your attorney will assist you in filing an application to transfer your guardianship to Texas.

  7. Please contact the county where the guardianship is filed for guidance, prior to registering with the JBCC.

Registration Forms

  1. Once your registration has been approved (i.e., processed), an automated email will be sent to you. Please be sure to check your email inbox and spam folder for this correspondence.

  2. This is not a required item. It is there so you have the option to upload any additional documentation that you would like for us to review with your registration. If you do not have anything additional to provide, you can skip this item.

  3. If applying by mail, you’ll enter it into the designated fields on the registration. If submitting your registration online, you will enter it in the ‘Additional Information’ field of the online registration.


  1. To update your information, you would simply login to your online profile/account, and click on the ‘Update Profile’ link on your home page. Update your information and save it.

  2. The Guardianship Registration data is confidential and therefore, not available to the public.

  3. You can search for programs via our online certification, registration and licensing system. For information on our system, please refer to the home page of our website in the section titled “JBCC Online Certification, Registration and Licensing System”. Please refer to the pdf “Guide to Using the Online System” for step-by-step instructions on how to search for licensees.  

    Note: Guardianship programs were not required to register with the JBCC until 09/01/2018; therefore, no data will be available prior to that date.

  4. You can track your status and confirm receipt using the online certification and licensing system on our home page, or by submitting items using a method that will allow for confirmation on your end. Additionally, an automated email will be sent to the primary address on file once the registration form is approved.

  5. The JBCC does not investigate complaints on guardianship registrations. The JBCC will investigate complaints against guardianship programs. For information on how to file a complaint against a Guardianship Program, please refer the Complaints page of our website.

  6. There is not a clerk portal; however, the clerk and court can contact us for information and assistance at

  7. Staff can provide your Login name; email us at for help. If you know your login name, but just forgot your password, to reset your password, go to our home page, click on the red "Register A Guardianship" button to access the online system. From there, just click on the Forgot Login/Password link to reset your password.

  8. Our team is unable to accommodate walk-in customers. If you need assistance, please contact the licensing specialist at If we are unable to resolve matters by email, the licensing specialist can determine other options available depending on what type of assistance is needed.

  9. No. Though you must register the guardianship, family member/friend guardians are not (professionally) certified guardians.

  10. No. The renewing process goes through the county court with jurisdiction of your guardianship (the court that qualified you as guardian)

  11. The Qualification Date is the official date provided to you by the court that cannot occur prior to your court date. If you are unsure of your qualification date, please contact the court or refer to your official Letter of Guardianship provided by the county clerk.

  12. The clerk notifies the JBCC of the qualification date on new guardianships. Pre-existing guardianship registrants must provide the qualification date on their registrations when submitted to the JBCC.

  13. Liquid Estate Value is cash or any other asset that can be easily converted into cash at or near its market value. Publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds which may be sold at or near its value are liquid assets. A CD or other investment that carries a penalty for early withdrawal is not liquid because it cannot be readily converted to cash at market value. The penalty diminishes the cash obtained for it by the amount of the penalty.

  14. Guardians that must be fingerprinted include (professionally) certified guardians, guardians living outside of Texas, and guardians whose wards have a liquid estate value exceeding $50,000.

  15. Trusts are not registered with the JBCC.

  16. SB 1096 was passed in 2017 requiring registration for all guardians as well as the creation of a registration database. Section 155.151 of the Government Code establishes that all guardianships in Texas shall be required to register with the JBCC. 

  17. Professionally Certified guardians and Guardianship Programs must submit their annual reports to the JBCC. Information regarding annual reporting can be found on the Compliance page of our website. 

    All other guardians, such as friends or family, etc., must submit their annual reports to the county where the guardianship is filed.

  18. Under section 155.155 of the Government Code, please be advised that the JBCC cannot confirm registration data to anyone outside of law enforcement and the county where the registration is filed.

    If you are a guardianship program, a guardian, or an attorney that represents a guardian needing to confirm registration data (i.e., information about the guardian, the ward, or the case), you must do the following:

    • Contact the court where the guardianship is filed, or
    • Login to your online profile and go to the Additional Information page of your profile. You will find any registrations submitted to us on that page.

    Registration Data includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

    The name and contact information of the guardian,

    The name and contact information of the ward, and

    Guardianship case information.

Training Information

  1. Use Google Chrome to take the training. Apple products and mobile devices may not be compatible resources to complete the guardianship training.

  2. Temporary guardianships are exempt from the training unless the temporary is extended beyond the 60 days. The temporary guardian must register and is subject to the criminal history background check.

  3. Yes, you can print off the completion certificate. You must provide a copy of your training certificate to the court.

  4. Co-guardians must each take the guardianship training course and obtain separate certificates. They cannot take the course together, or have one take the course, and have both names on one certificate.