Judicial Committee on Information Technology

Technology Standards 

The Standards Committee works to review and update the JCIT Technology Standards. These standards govern branch-wide systems such as the eFileTexas.gov system. 

Current Standard

Technology Standards (Version 8.0,  Effective March 6, 2024)

This version contains:

  • Additional language to allow JP participation in re:SearchTX
  • Additional standards to allow clerks to implement criminal in re:SearchTX

Draft Standard

Schedule for adoption

The standards sub-committee on JCIT recommends adoption of standards typically twice per year. This usually occurs at the January and August meetings.

Submitting Feedback

Feedback on the current standard is encouraged from ALL participants that have interests in the eFiling system. 

To submit feedback:

  • Send an email to casey.kennedy@txcourts.gov
  • Include "Suggested Change for JCIT Tech Standards" as the subject line
  • Include the statute or rule citation and reasoning for any additions

Proposed Changes to Standards

The Standards Committee has adopted a schedule that allows the standard to be updated up to two times each calendar year. These updates are expected to complete in March and September to allow time for implementation prior to the next mandatory eFiling deadline. 

Process for Changing

1. The Committee receives feedback from all stakeholders (clerks, EFSPs, case management vendors). 

2. The Committee discusses the feedback and incorporates changes as appropriate. 

3. The draft is circulated to all JCIT membership for feedback. 

4. The Committee incorporates changes as appropriate.

5. JCIT votes to approve the draft standard and forwards it to the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals for final approval.

6. The Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals can change/approve standard.

7. The EFM vendor and counties have 90 days to implement the newly approved standard.