Texas Commission to Expand Civil Legal Services


The following persons are appointed by orders of the Court (Misc. Docket Nos. 15-9233 and 16-9126), to serve as members of the Committee:

  • S. Jack Balagia Jr., Dallas
  • Hon. Jane Bland, Houston
  • Faye M. Bracey, San Antonio
  • Darby Dickerson, Lubbock
  • William Royal Furgeson Jr., Dallas
  • Eden Harrington, Austin
  • Angelica Maria Hernandez, Houston
  • Luz Herrera, Fort Worth
  • Wallace B. Jefferson, Austin
  • Joseph C. Matta, Houston
  • Hon. Ann Crawford McClure, El Paso
  • F. Scott McCown, Austin
  • Chris Nickelson, Fort Worth
  • Harry M. Reasoner, Houston
  • Hon. Lee H. Rosenthal, Houston
  • Charles W. Schwartz, Houston
  • Frank E. Stevenson II, Dallas
  • William O. Whitehurst Jr., Austin
  • Kennon L. Wooten, Austin

Wallace B. Jefferson is appointed Chair of the Commission.