Self-Help Resources

The Office of Court Administration, in consultation with the Texas Access to Justice Commission, has created a self-help resources internet website for pro se parties (representing one's self):

At this website, you can obtain information about the following topics:

  • Groups that can help you find a lawyer
  • Places where you can get legal information or do legal research
  • Information about forms, legal research, filing a case and getting ready to go to court.

Pro Se Appellate Guide

The Texas Young Lawyers Association has created a Pro Se Appellate Guide intended to aid those who seek to proceed in the appellate process pro se.

The Texas Young Lawyers Association Pro Se Appellate Guide is designed to educate pro se litigants about appellate procedure and help them through the appellate process. Do not assume that all the requirements of an appeal are set out in this guide. This guide is only a general overview of appellate procedure, and in no way stands in place of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure or legal representation.

Note: This Pro Se Appellant Guide was published in 2014; therefore, it does not reference the most current rules and procedures promulgated by the Supreme Court of Texas, including the rules for proceeding in this court without prepayment of fees and costs. This court utilizes the current version of those rules and procedures, which can be accessed at General Rules & Standards located under the Practice Before the Court menu.