Eighth Court of Appeals


Attorneys are required to file documents (except a document submitted under seal or subject to a motion to seal) with the Court through the eFileTexas.gov electronic filing system.

Visit eFileTexas.gov and select a service provider to get started with the electronic filing process.

Please read the rules for electronic filing in the appellate courts and in civil cases in the trial courts.

Filing to an Existing Case

If you are trying to add a filing into an existing case, but that case doesn't appear when you search make sure you have entered the complete case number with all the zeroes, dashes, and spaces. For other potential solutions and more detailed information contact your Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).

Attorney Resources

ATTENTION ALL FILERS: With the exception of the docketing statement and appellate record, all documents presented to the Clerk for filing in juvenile cases and termination of parental rights cases (or arising out of a case in which termination of parental rights was an issue) must comply with Rule 9.8 of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. Additionally, Rules 9.9 and 9.10 of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure address privacy protection for documents filed in civil and criminal cases. In all documents filed with the court of appeals, including appendices, the filer is responsible for redacting the information specified in those rules, including: (1) driver's license numbers, (2) passport numbers, (3) social security numbers, (4) tax identification numbers, (5) any other type of government-issued personal identification numbers, (6) bank account numbers, (7) credit card numbers, (8) any other type of financial account numbers, and (9) the birthdate, home address, and name of any person who was a minor when the underlying suit was filed (if a civil appeal) or who was a minor at the time of the underlying offense (if a criminal appeal). In appeals from an order either granting or denying a petitioner's request for an expunction, the court also requests that filers use the initials of the petitioner.