Texas Forensic Science Commission

NIST/OSAC Registry 

At the Commission's October 25, 2019 quarterly meeting, Commissioners recommended agencies voluntarily adopt standards published on the OSAC Registry. The Commission encourages the forensic community in Texas to follow the OSAC Standards Bulletin and actively participate in the standards adoption process by OSAC, including opportunities to comment on standards before they reach consensus and publication on the registry.

The OSAC Standards Bulletin provides an update on forensic science standards that are moving through the Registry Approval Process at the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) and those that are moving through the development process at standards developing organizations (SDOs). You may visit OSAC's website to sign-up to receive the bulletin in your email automatically each month.  

Previous issues of the OSAC Standards Bulletins are available on OSAC's Standards Bulletin web page.

View OSAC Implementers on the new TFSC Public Information Database.