Texas Forensic Science Commission


Forensic Science Commission Rulemakings

Please access the following documents for descriptions of and links to the Commission's outstanding and adopted rulemakings.  

Outstanding Rulemakings

Adopted Rulemakings

Forensic Science Commission Rulemaking Timeline

Commission rules are proposed at a Commission quarterly meeting.  If the proposal is adopted by the Commission, staff then publishes the proposal in the Texas Register for a 30-day public comment period after the quarterly meeting.  At the following quarterly meeting, the Commission will review and deliberate on the rule adoption.  If the Commission decides to adopt the rule, the rule is then published in the Texas Register. Without any further changes or edits, the rule becomes effective 20 days from the date staff posts the rule to the Texas Register.  If there are changes or administrative edits to the rule adoption, the rule is published in the next issue of the Texas Register and becomes effective 30 days after the publication date of that issue. Upon the effective date, the new rule or rule amendments appear in the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 651 linked below. 

Forensic Science Commission Rules

Forensic Science Commission's current rules can be found in the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 651.