Texas Forensic Science Commission

FSC Rulemaking 
FSC Administrative Rules
FSC Rule Texas Admin Code Link to Published Rule Comment Period End Date
DPS to FSC Accreditation Rules Transfer Published Rule 11/29/2015 
Forensic Bite mark Comparison Exemption Published Rule 3/29/2017 
Footwear and Tire tread Clarification/Addition Published Rule  12/27/2017
Complaint Procedures Published Rule 12/27/2017
Licensing Program Rules Published Rule 4/9/2018 
Workplace/Employment Drug Testing Exemption Published Rule 7/16/2018
Bloodstain Pattern Exemption Published Rule 4/17/2018
Federal Licensing Exemption Published Rule 11/2/2018
Continuing Forensic Education Requirements for Forensic Analysts and Technicians  Published Rule 11/26/2018
Harmonization of Accreditation and Licensing Rules Published Rule 11/26/2018
Removal of Knowledge Based Competency Requirements Published Rule 11/26/2018
Military Licensing Fee Waiver Published Rule 11/26/2018
Exemption for Work Prior to January 1, 2019 Published Rule 11/26/2018
Blanket License for Out-of-State Labs Published Rule 11/26/2018
Expansion of Pre-Jan 1 Work Exemption Published Rule 4/1/2019
Student Exams, Fourth Attempts and Provisional Expiration Published Rule 4/1/2019
Presiding Officer or Designee Authority on Criminal History Reviews Published Rule 4/15/2019
Technical Reviewers License Clarification Published Rule 4/1/2019
CAP Accreditation Rule Clarification Published Rule 4/1/2019
Human Testing (CLIA) Exemption Published Rule 4/1/2019
CFE Rule Specifications Published Rule 5/20/2019
Authority to Deny for Conduct on Initial Application Published Rule 6/24/2019
Revisions to Rules Post-Jan 1 Published Rule 6/24/2019
Document Examination Exemption Published Rule 6/24/2019
Negligence and Misconduct Clarifications Published Rule 6/24/2019
Removal of Document Examination References from Licensing Rules Published Rule 8/26/2019
Professional Misconduct Clarification in Licensing Rules Published Rule 8/26/2019
Licensing Exemption Revisions to Include Discipline Change and Formerly Licensed, Retired Analysts Published Rule 8/26/2019
SB-284 Appeals Process and HB-3142 Occupations Code Changes to Licensing Rules Published Rule 8/26/2019
SB-1200 Reciprocity for Military Spouses Published Rule 8/26/2019
SB-1342 Changes to Criminal History Pre-determinations and License Eligibility Published Rule 8/26/2019
SAMHSA Correction in Accreditation Rules Published Rule 8/26/2019
CFE Expansion for Technicians Published Rule 11/18/2019
Provisional License Employment at Accredited Lab Change Published Rule 11/18/2019
ABFT Edits Pursuant to ANAB Merger Published Rule 1/21/20
Authority for Staff to Dismiss Non-Forensic Analysis Complaints Published Rule 1/21/20
Exam Eligibility for Unaccredited Disciplines; clarifications to provisional fees; and removal of physical comparisons from Trace Published Rule 3/16/20
Provisional License one time rule Published Rule 3/16/20
Referral procedure for cases referred to OCFW Published Rule 3/16/20
Change to reference to forensic analysis definition from 38.35 to 38.01 definition in investigative procedure process of Commission rules Published Rule 3/16/20
Exemption for Toxicologists adding Seized Drugs discipline Published Rule 3/16/20
Procedure regarding revocation of accreditation and appeal of accreditation actions and findings Published Rule 8/4/20
Procedure/appeal of investigative findings or other administrative action by the Commission pursuant to its investigative authority Published Rule 8/4/20
Edit to definition of Crime Scene Reconstruction in accreditation rule to mirror licensing rule Published Rule 8/4/20
Removal of "Texas" from Code of Professional Responsibility Published Rule 8/4/20
New blanket rule with De Minimis Texas Casework License revisions; rule addressing blanket or de minimis licensee transfers to Texas; unaccredited discipline special exam fee; temporary changes to CFE requirements in light of COVID-19 Published Rule 8/4/20
CFE adding a discipline rule - establishment of a timeline for supplemental CFE hours Unpublished 11/2/20
CFE required for upgrading licensure category Unpublished Not available yet
Indefinite grace period for license reinstatement rule Unpublished 12/20/20
Removal of availability and timeliness provision for laboratory licensure Unpublished 12/20/20
Mitigating Factors in Disciplinary Actions Unpublished 12/20/20