Thirteenth Court of Appeals

Oral Argument 

The Court routinely hears oral argument on four days each month during the fall and spring, and also hears oral argument on emergency matters during the summer months. The Court regularly schedules oral argument in its courtrooms in Edinburg and Corpus Christi, periodically travels to other counties in its district to hear argument, and occasionally travels to other court of appeals districts to hear oral argument in transfer cases.

In accordance with Section 73.003(e) of the Texas Government Code, the Court may hear oral argument through the use of teleconferencing technology as provided by Section 22.302 of the Texas Government Code.

A party desiring oral argument must include that request on the front cover of the party's brief. See Tex. R. App. P. 39.7. If a request for oral argument is denied and the requesting party strongly believes that oral argument will significantly aid the decisional process, the party should file a motion for reconsideration with the Court.

The Court typically allows twenty minutes for each side to argue; and the appellant may reserve time for rebuttal. To request additional time for argument, or permission for an attorney to argue other than the attorney of record, written request must be filed with the Clerk well in advance of the date of oral submission. Requests to reschedule oral argument must be made by written motion filed well in advance of the date scheduled for oral argument. Unless all parties agree, or unless sufficient cause is apparent to the Court, a motion to postpone oral argument must be supported by sufficient cause. See id. R. 10.5(c).

The Court makes audio recordings of oral arguments for its own use. A party, member of the press, or other interested person may purchase a copy of the recording from the Clerk. The Court does not guarantee the quality of the audio recording.