Fourteenth Court of Appeals

Clerks & Court Reporters 

Clerk's and Court Reporter's records must be filed electronically and must conform to Appendix C of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The record must be submitted through the TAMES Records Submission Portal (RSP). Notices of Appeal, information sheets, extension requests, and monthly court reporter reports should also be filed through the RSP. Clerks and Court Reporters can request access to the portal. Once processed, a password and filing instructions will be emailed to you by the Office of Court Administration. Your login and password will work for all Courts of Appeals.

Documents cannot be "locked" by the filer as this prevents the application of the electronic file stamp by the Court. Locked documents and non-conforming documents will be rejected and the clerk will be required to resubmit the filing.

Once the records have been filed by the Court, you will receive notice that the record has been successfully filed.

Clerk/Court Reporter Resources